Waffuru!(known in Japan as ワッフルアタック or Waffle Attack)   is an author appeal fighting game from Wario Inc. that features various characters from all kinds of media clashing a big battle. The video game was inspired by Fighters of Lapis and Tatakai. It is to be released on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Omega both in retail and as a downloadable game.
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega, Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Story, Brawl, Challenges, Arcade, Extras, Settings
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Fighter
Series Waffle
Predecessor None
Successor None
Media Included Disc, Downloadable, Cartridge

Wario Inc.World Description

Take one gold loving god, all of your, I mean Wario's favorite characters and clash them together and you get Waffuru! Play as a wide cast of heroes and villains and fight for the universe in this 3D fighter.
The Description


The story begins with various gods and demigods meeting in Star Haven. However, they notice one seat is empty. The chief leader, Zeus, soon notices something and his face turns red as he realizes who's missing. The screen turns black and rumbling happens as he yells, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!". The screen then goes to a sleeping blonde man. He is woken by Parakarry bringing a letter. Wario gets up and opens it, only to find that he has a letter from one demigod, Wario's more responsible older brother Wallace yelling at him to get up and hurry. Wario gets up and hurries through Downtown Haven(Stage 1: SMASH!). However, he is too late and the people all express dissapointment at him. Wallace yells at Wario and walks away angrily. Wario walks home sadly. He wakes up the next day and his house is crumbling. He goes outside and sees a crocodile bounty hunter, Croco. He says that he is the one holding a powerful treasure. Wario tries to explain that that is the other Wario, but ends up fighting Croco(Vs. Croco). After a battle, the Mansion of the Gods starts to collapse as he sees a dark force overcoming his house. Croco jumps off the edge, swearing revenge on Wario. The unknown force makes Wario fall as well into the vast area of space. Wario wakes up in a grassy area and sees an army of turtles. Wario laughs, but is soon caught by storm as they attack(Stage 2: Mushroom Kingdom). Wario soon finds himself in Toad Town. Wario learns that the princess of the kingdom, Peach, has been kidnapped. Wario feels bad and sets out to save Peach. However, a plumber duo named Mario and Luigi are in his way. Wario learns that they are the kingdom's main knights. They make a deal to fight together to rescue Peach from the evil king Bowser(MARIO and LUIGI join your party!).

After braving the vast grasslands(Stage 3: 8 Bits!), the team reach Bowser's Castle. There, they must solve problems and platform(Stage 4: Bowser's Castle). At the end of the stage, Bowser attacks, but leaves Luigi and Wario locked up, so Mario must best his old foe(Vs. Bowser). Bowser promises to turn over a leaf and begs(in style of Mega Man). Mario jumps repeatedly on his foe and Luigi pulls him back. Bowser gets up and says that that was the last time of his defeat, "for real this time!". Bowser summons Dark Reggie, a corrupted boss to best the trio(BOSS: Dark Reggie). Dark Reggie apologizes and rewards the part with a Wii Remote, a powerful world changing machine. Mario warps the world to make Bowser the damsel in distress by putting him in the cage and getting Peach out. Wario tells his new friends about how his mansion was broken, his true origins, and how he wants to get home. In exchange for help, the bros and Peach direct Wario to E Gadd's help. Mario also says he will join Wario, and forces Luigi to do so as well. They go to E Gadd's lab, and learn from him that he was taken by a strange supernatural form known only as the Darkness. It is unknown whether it's concious and alive, smart or stupid, or in which form it is, demon or creature. All E Gadd knows, is that it's a destructive force that feeds off of things. That is why he ate Wario's home and took over Reggie. E Gadd forewarns them, saying that the Darkness is mysterious and powerful, and a force to be reckoned with. E Gadd gives the heroes an intergalactic map that shows where the force has gone. They see that it is now in a colorless nostalgiac dimension called The Steamboat. They cross dimensions with E Gadd's machine and end up on a boat. However, they are attacked by Captain Pete, the ship's commander, because they illegally boarded. Wario tries to explain but Pete simply kicks Luigi off into the ocean while not listening. Soon, they attack Pete's forces.(Stage 5: Pete em' Up). However, Pete does not give up and attacks the group(BOSS: Captain Pete). Luigi cries for help continuously across the battle. Annoyed, Mario saves him, but Pete shoots the three out of a cannon.

Luigi wakes up alone and scared, and is attacked by wild animals. In game, Luigi runs away and is rescued by Wario at the last second. The wild animals seem to be controlled a strange silent cube like man named Steve. To apologize for the incident, Steve joins Luigi and Wario(STEVE joined your party!) and the trio go off looking for Mario(Stage 6: Tarzan?). The trio find Mario and together, the group head out to the city ahead, and learn that it is called Duckburg. They are knocked over by three troubling triplets named Huey, Dewie, and Louie. They get up and meet their mother, Dumbella, who apologizes for them and says that they're going to be transported to their uncle's house ahead. She asks them to do this and gives the party the triplets. They escort the three to the house, but are kidnapped by Pete, for an unknown reason. Angry, Dumbella yells at the party and joins them to get back her babies(DUMBELLA joined your party!). They head into the next town, Steamboat Town and find that a dark aura has taken over and meet a hiding mouse who works on Pete's steamboat, but not evil named Mickey. They ask Mickey to help, and he accepts(MICKEY joined your party!). Upon boarding the ship(Stage 7: Cargo Clash) and find that Pete is using the three triplets to rupture the area, so "Boss" can come. The seas part and Darkness appears. The team try to attack the triplets, but Dumbella yells at them, commands the boys back to her and she punches Darkness in the gut. In anger, the aura swallows the ship and the team must reach the heart(Stage 8: The Evils of Bellyaches). With the crew, they attack Darkness's heart(BOSS: Darkness's Heart). The evil shell breaks and the team are thrown up. Darkness is now able to talk and takes a much larger more hideous form. He asks what they have done and the team are all frozen and sent up into space while the world is swallowed.

The team all land in a nearby world with similarities, such as talking animals, in Mobius. They all wonder what exactly went on in the land, but are forced to move on and find themselves in a lush forest(Stage 9: Freedom Fighter Forest). At the end, they find a cowardly coyote hiding from a corrupted Badnik infused with dark powers. They go ahead to attack it, but it is stomped on first by Croco, who seeks revenge(Vs. Croco). Croco is defeated, but more Dark Badniks roll in. Antoine decides to help them(ANTOINE joined your party!). Soon, a battle begins(Stage 10: Badnik Battle). They defeat the corrupted badniks, but even more come in. They run into Robotropolis to escape(Stage 11: Escape from the City?). They see black smog coming from Robotnik's Lair, and realize he must be the one employing the corrupted badniks. They go to the factory(Stage 12: Robotnik's Lair Zone). There, they find various containers with the darkness aura inside, as well as various corrupted badniks gone wrong. They reach Eggman, who explains to them that the Darkness aura has been radiating for just a day(when the new Darkness was released) and has been so common and easy to use that he has created the Dark Badniks in mass quantities. They warn Eggman that too much of this could cause Mobius to have the same fate as Mickey and Dumbella's world. Eggman does not listen though, and attacks. Sonic,who was already here investigating breaks from his cage and comes to help the team(SONIC joined your party!). After beating Robotnik's machine(BOSS: Egg Mobile). Eggman is frustrated and decides to summon more of the darkness aura, but it's too much for him and it swallows the world while spitting out the party.



Waffuru is a 2D sprited retro fighter. Each character has a lifebar that can be depleted by two things, regular attacks or special attacks. Each character can do a light, medium, or power hit and also each one has 4 special moves. Combos are key as they fill your Star Meter. Once at full power, the player can preform a Super Move. These do massive damage or transfrom the character in some way. This is the most basic mode in which you select a character and stage and then battle it out. Alone, the player can fight a CPU. With another person the game becomes deeper. Each player picks their character and then  both pick their stage.  One is randomly picked and the fight begins. This is deeper because of how the tables can turn instead of just a really easy CPU or a master one. Pressing (in the default scheme) grabs something. You can grab enemies or grab items to either heal or hurt. Another thing you can find is NanoPods, which produce a miniature version of a charcter to assist you. In each stage there is a gimmick that can be activated by pressing A near it. These gimmicks range from a  small difference to a HUGE difference. Besides the basic brawl mode, there are other sub modes to play for fun. One is Coin Clash, where the player having the most coins at the end of time wins. You can get coins by beating up other players. Mania is where up to 8 players online can all fight. Tussle with Targets, is where you try to destroy as many targets as possible. Overrun is where the player must fight through waves of minions to get the highest score.


The story mode is a 2D/3D beat em' up with platforming elements. The game is mainly a brawler with some stages and minigames mixing it up to keep things interesting. The player usually has a team of heroes in which they can change often. Each character has skills the other may lack and vice versa. This team will explore an enviorment and go to certain locations to start a stage. These enviorments host shops and side-quests. Side-quests range from small to gigantic and rewards vary. Super moves are not allowed but other techniques are. Some stages have you facing one enemy in Brawl style and some have you tackling a similar but more difficult task in boss fights. Teammates join you as you go to help with stages. If a teammate loses all health they are done until they are taken to a revive portal in select locations. If Wario dies, he'll restart at the last saved spot with all of his teammates.


Matches with special conditions that test the player's skills and sharpens them two.  They get more challenging as they go on, and exciting prizes can be found two.


A single player mode for experts where you fight through various foes until you reach Shadow Wario and Tabuu.


In extras you can buy DLC, look at your achievements and figures, customize your fighter profile, and look at  your personal stats.


Buy figures, items for story mode, new characters, new stages, music tracks, and more.



  • A: Jump
  • X: Light Hit
  • Y: Medium Hit
  • B: Power Hit
  • L+X: Special 1
  • L+Y: Special 2
  • L+B: Special 3
  • L+A: Special 4
  • L+R: Super Move
  • Control Stick: Move
  • Right stick/arrow buttons: Camera
  • R: Grab/block
  • L(In story mode)/touch screen: Switch characters.

Scheme 2(Nintendo 3DS)

  • Tap opponent: Light Hit
  • Tap twice: Medium Hit
  • Hold: Power Hit
  • Tap character: Jump
  • Drag: Move
  • Tap S1: Special 1
  • Tap S2: Special 2
  • Tap S3: Special 3
  • Tap S4: Special 4
  • Tap SM: Super Move
  • Touch area: Camera
  • Tap a partner character(In story mode): Switch character
  • When near enemy tap: Block

Scheme 2(Nintendo Omega)

  • A: Jump
  • B: Hit
  • Hold B: Power Hit
  • X: Super Move
  • B+Down: Special 1
  • B+Up: Special 2
  • B+Left: Special 3
  • B+Right: Special 4
  • R: Block
  • L(In story mode): Switch characters
  • Control Stick: Move
  • Right stick: Camera



There are 25 starter character(counting Robotoine as a seperate character).

Image Character Description Specials
N/A Wario Goldsaka Mr. Goldsaka is here!
A young friendly god who is the laughing stock of the gods. He is tall blonde and wears always a yellow suit. His personality is likable but flawed, as he is kind and witty, but also clumsy and greedy. This led him to be named "Wario" after the greedy legend.
Theme: "Koopa Bros. Theme"
Garlic Boomerang
Star Rain
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Crafting through Combat
A bland miner who was washed up on a gigantic island filled with monsters. He is silent and bland but adventurous and cocky. This "Steve" is possibly one of many Steves, Steve just being a codename for the washed up survivors.
Theme: "Minecraft Track 1"
TNT Throw
Diamond Armor
Marioinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Mario Let's-a-Go!
Do I really need to tell you who he is? Mario is a young plumber with a mustache who turned into an adventurer. He is well rounded and very average.
Theme: "Super Mario Galaxy Theme"
Star Spin
Super Star
GOku Goku The super-saiyan brings the mayhem.
A saiyan who landed on Earth. He is good and fights for Earth unlike the rest of his species. He is balanced and most of his attacks have great knockback.
Theme: "Goku SS 1"
Dragon Fist
Bo Staff
Super Saiyan
Mickey Mouse art Mickey Mouse He'll thin you out!
Mario is big, but Mickey is bigger! He is a fast mouse, fast but weak though. He uses his paintbrush to attack.
Theme: "Steamboat Willie"
Thinner Shot
Paint Shot
Popper Punch
Beast Unleashed
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman He is...the Batman!
The dark knight. After the tragic loss of his parents to crime, Batman became a smart agile vigilante with gadgets. He is balanced with lots of stealth.
Theme:  "The Batman Theme (1989)"
Explosive Gel
Grapple Kick
Smoke Bomb
Swarm Smash
Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest thing alive may be the strongest.
Sonic the Hedeghog is a blue hedgehog who is the fastest thing alive. He runs at high speeds but is a tad weaker then some of the other characters.
Theme: "His World";
Spin Dash
Boost Kick
Sonic Wind
Ring Bomb
Sonic Boom
SSBBRZS Sora Sora Wielder of Keyblades, he's Sora!
A young keyblade wielder from the Destiny Islands. He uses magic and his keyblade to brawl and is friends with Donald and Goofy.
Theme: "Dearly Beloved"
Keyblade Thrust
Aerial Strike
300px-Meta Knight KRTDL Meta Knight The Eclipse was just the beginning.
Famous anti-hero, captain of the Halberd, and foe of all evil Meta Knight appears in his Meta Knight Eclipse style. He is quick but weak, however his combos can pack a huge punch. He can fly.
Theme: "Vs. Marx"
Sword Obliteration
Void Cannon
Dimensional Cape

Theme: "Harry Potter theme"

"Knockoutis Easilyeas"

  • Harry Potter: A wizard from Hogwarts, Harry is the chosen one and uses magic to attack. This incarnation is from Book 4. Well ranged.

Special 1: Stupefy: The opponent is immobilized for 3 seconds.

Special 2: Confringo: Harry shoots a magic beam that cause the foe to explode. Good strength and knockback.

Special 3: Quidditch Charge: Harry hops on his broom and charges forward. Fantastic knockback but low strength.

Special 4: Cloak on Invisibility: Harry becomes invisible for 3 seconds.

Super Move: The Sword of Gryffindor: Harry hops up and impales his foe with the sword of Gryffindor which does 55% damage.

Theme: "The Simpsons"

"To quote the great Homer: D'oh!"

  • Homer Simpson: D'oh! Homer is a middle-aged man living in Springfield. He fights with everyday objects and has good power and knockback but is a little slow from all of those donuts.

Special 1: D'oh!: Homer lets out his iconic phrase. Low power and radius but fantastic knockback.

Special 2: Bottle Throw: Homer throws an empty beer bottle at the opponent. This immobilizes them for 3 seconds.

Special 3: Donutarang: Homer throws a donut at the enemy that knocks them away.

Special 4: Why you Little!: Homer strangles his opponent draining their life by 15%. Slow but very powerful.

Super Move: The Simpsons: Homer summons his family which trample the opponent. Does 35% damage.

Theme: "Lavender Town"


  • Missingno.: The infamous Pokemon glitch, Missingo has various forms he uses on the battlefield. He is a heavy character that is slow and bad at jumping but strong.

Special 1: Glitch: Freezes the enemy for 3 seconds.

Special 2: Kabutops Fossil: Missingno changes forms and claws the enemy doing 20% damage. Very slow and hard to master but quite powerful.

Special 3: Aerodactyl Fossil: Missingo changes forms and flies upwards similar to the Peach Parasol. Fast but weak and mainly used for navigating.

Special 4: Ghost: Missingno changes forms and pops out as a ghost. Slow but fantastic knockback.

Super Move: Game Breaker: Missingno breaks the game and freezes the opponent for 15 seconds where they are completely vulnerable.

Theme: "Epic Mickey Theme"

"Back in Duck"

  • Dumbella Duck: A very obscure character, Bella is the mother of Huey, Dewie, and Louie. She is fast but it is very hard for hero to slow down and she is a bit weak.

Special 1: Umbrella: Dumbella floats towards the enemy with homing powers. Very fast and hard to master but does 20% damage. Special 2: Donald: Donald appears running towards the enemy back and forth angrily. Weak but can be used for some painful combos.

Special 3: Comics Throw: Dumbella throws a comic at the enemy making them immobile for 3 seconds.

Special 4: Sons: Dumbella summons one of her sons.

Louie: Most common. Louie runs in jumping on the enemy. Weak but fast and can be used for combos.

Dewey: Sometimes. Duey rampages in similar to Donald but does much more damage.

Huey: Very rare. Huey calls in all three of the ducks to triple Dumbella's attack for 4 seconds.

Super Move: Duckburg Storm: All of the people in Duckburg rampage in doing 40% damage.

Theme: "Luigi's Mansion Theme"

"Go Weegee! Go Weegee!"

  • Luigi: The younger brother of Mario. He is a floaty character who cannot easily stop. His attacks must be mastered.

Special 1: Super Jump: Luigi jumps ofscreen and then later comes down. Very powerful but hard to hit people with.

Special 2: Kitsune Kyclone: Luigi swings around in his tanooki form. Weak and fast, but has fantastic knockback.

Special 3: Dream Beam: Luigi becomes Dreamy Luigi and can shoot small dream beams to make foes sleep for 3 seconds and is weaker but faster.

Special 4: Poltergust: Luigi sucks up a foe in his reach. He can then spit him out at hazards or off the screen.

Super Move: The Year of Luigi: Luigi becomes gigantic and 8-bit, similar to Super Paper Mario. In this form he is very strong but very slow.

Theme: Instrumental version of "The Fastest Thing Alive"

"Do we have to f-f-f-ight? Why can't we, how you say, flee?!"

  • Antoine: The cowardly coyote from Sonic the Comic and SATAM. He would rather run then fight, even more then Luigi,  and is quite charming. He is quite fast but weak.

Special 1: Flee: Antoine uncontrollably runs from battle, at high speeds. He may fall off the screen, but he also may knock foes into the sky.

Special 2: Slice Fury: Antoine gets his sword out and slices rapidly like his father taught him. Weak but fast and fantastic for combos.

Special 3: Cry: Antoine simply cries. He sobs at high speeds and if he is near you you will be knocked off the screen.

Special 4: Bunny Love: Bunny Rabbot hops in smashing whoever in her sight. Very hard to use but will definitely knock the foe off the screen if successful.

Super Move: Roboticize: Antoine changes forms into Robotoine.

  • Robotoine: Antoine's roboticized form. In this form he is the opposite of Antoine, slow and powerful.

Special 1: Ram: Robotoine rams into the enemy slowly. It knocks the foe off the screen doing a lot of damage, but is slow.

Special 2: Laser Vision: Robotoine shoots lasers from his eyes pushing the oe off the screen definitely.

Special 3: Thrusters: Robotoine flies up and then homes in on the foe. Very slow but extremely powerful.

Special 4: Antoine Chase: Sonic(Tails if Sonic is the foe), Bunny, Sally, Rotor, Amy, and Dulcy chase Robotoine doing damage to all they encounter. Very weak but can be used for combos.

Super Move: Unroboticize: Robotoine changes back into Antoine.

Theme: Boss: Bowser-Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


  • Bowser: King of the Koopas, Bowser is the age old foe of Mario, always returning to cause madness. Bowser is a heavyweight character with high attack power but horrible jumping and speed.

Special 1: Stomp: Bowser stomps a foe, temporarily getting rid of one of their specials or kocking off some of their special bar.

Special 2: Fire Breath: Bowser breathes fire, doing high damage.

Special 3: Kammy: Bowser throws Kammy at you. Sometimes this does high damage as she casts a spell on you while sometimes she does nothing.

Special 4: Shell Kick: Bowser throws his shell at you. It does high damage, is fast, and has high knockback but quite uncontrollable and useless on small stages.

Super Move: Koopa Troop: Bowser runs of the screen and then comes back with a bunch of minions that will push foes off of the stage.

Theme: Pianta Parlor-Paper Mario: The Thousand Year

"Undergarmets, beware!"

  • DeathSpank: A relatively obscure character who is a strange knight. He is faster then Bowser but is still heavy and has Mega Man like jumps.

Special 1: Slash: DS does a powerful slash with heavy damage but is slow and has no knockback.

Special 2: Bazooka: DS shoots a Bazooka that is slow and is weak but has very high knockback.

Special 3: One Liner: DS says a random quote from his games, making the foe dizzy for 5 seconds, sometimes making them miss you.

Special 4: AntiSpank: Antispank comes down to attack with his sword. Extremely powerful but sometimes hits DS two.

Super Move: Fires of Bacon: The fires of Bacon come, damaging everyone including DS.

Theme:  Yahoos and Triangles-The Refreshments

"Bring the Propain!"

  • Hank Hill: A buisnessman from Arlen, Texas who sells propane and propane acssesories. This makes his roster very fire based. He is medium with slow powerful attacks and can deal the fire ailment usually.

Special 1: Fireball: Exactly the same as Mario.

Special 2: Meat: Hank Hill eats a steak, sometimes healing him by 5% if succsessful, making it very useful.

Special 3: Propane Tank: Hank throws a propane tank which very slow but has a wide range and is fantastic on small stages because it will burn all foes in the fire.

Special 4: Bottle Throw: Same as Homer Simpson.

Super Move: King of the Hill: A giant hill appears knocking all in it's way off the screen.

Theme: JonTron

"That's the way we wash our hands! Fahlahlahlahlhah!"

  • JonTron: A game reviewer that is quite crazy. He is a light heavy who can be quite useful.

Special 1: Jacques: Jacques picks Jon up allowing him to fly temporarily.

Special 2: Disc Throw: Jon throws a disc stalling enemies that is fast but does only a bit of damage.

Special 3: Jaques Divebomb: Jacques flies down at high sppeds doing high knockback and damage.

Special 4: Cyclone: Jon spins around with an insane face.

Super Move: Wings of an Angel: Jacques picks JonTron up and turns golden. In this form he avoids all ground attacks and can bomb enemies with eggs that doing 15 damage each for the 10 seconds.

Theme: Inspector Gadget

"Go, go, Gadget!"

  • Inpsector Gadget: A famous inspector always solving crimes with his unqieu and goofy gadgets.

Special 1: Gadget Copter: Inspector Gadget glides over.

Special 2: Gadget Skates: Inspector Gadget dashes forward at high speeds.

Special 3: Gadget Punch: Inspector Gadget does a powerful yet slow punch with no knockback.

Special 4: Gadget Coat: Gadget inflates his coat knocking everyone nearby off the stage.

Super Move: Gadget Overload: Gadget accidentally summons all of his gadgets doing 20 damage to anyone hit by the various attacks.

Theme: This is Halloween

"What's this?"

  • Jack Skellington: The king of Halloween. He is fast but floaty and very light.

Special 1: Pumpkin Bomb: Jack throws an overhead fast bomb with an orange trail. It does 1% damage but has high knockback.

Special 2: Scare: Jack scares the opponent stunning them for 3 seconds.

Special 3: Pumpkinhead: Jack swings his keybladesown low so it is unduckable. It is very fast and can be used for combos. Special 4: Lock, Shock, and Barrel: The kid chosen depends.

Lock: 75% chance of Lock appearing.  He stabs the opponent with a pitchfork and great speed doing 5 damage.

Shock: 25% chance of Shock appearing.  She scares the enemy stunning them for 6 seconds.

Barrel: Every once and a while, Barrel will appear. He will ground pound the foe for 40% damage.

Super Move: Halloween Night: "This is Halloween" plays and Jack becomes very fast and large can has the power of flight as well as having double attack.

Theme: Danny Phantom

"Witty banter, fight, kick-butt, lesson."

  • Danny Phantom: A teenage ghost who uses hus powers for good. He is quite balanced.

Special 1: Veil: Danny Phantom goes invisible to dodge an attack.

Special 2: Ice Beam: Danny shoots a slow beam of ice that is hard to use but freezes the opponent for 5 seconds and does damage when they break out.

Special 3: Ghost Sense: Danny disables the invisibility power of a character.(himself, Vivian, or a character using an item).

Special 4: Duplicate: A clone of Danny hops out from him and is fast and does large damage.

Super Move: Ghostly Wail: Danny does a nsuper sonic scream that targets all enemies immboilzing them for 5 seconds and doing 15% damage.

Theme: The Shadow Sirens

"Umm...Mario? Nevermind."

  • Vivian: Vivian is a bright kind clumsy Shadow Siren who is very light and runs fast.

Special 1: Veil: Same as Danny Phantom's.

Special 2: Shade Fist: Vivian rockets froward at high speeds. This is very short and hard to use but can set the foe on fire and knock them out of the stage.

Special 3: Infatuate: Vivian blows a kiss. This will work 50% of the time. It immobilizes the foe for 10 seconds.

Special 4: Firey Jinx: Vivian casts a fire spell to set anyone in her radius on fire.

Super Move: Superbombomb: Vivian accidentally drops a Superbombomb which knocks all enmies off the stage and does 10 damage to each.

Theme: Sons of Odin


  • Thor: Thor is a more heavy character with powerful lightning based attacks. He is a bit slow.

Special 1: Hammer Strike: Thor jumps and slams down with his hammer. It has high knockback and damage but is very slow and hard to use.

Special 2: Hammer Swing: Thor swings with his hammer. It is fast but does little damage but has high knockback.

Special 3: Thunder Bolt: Thor causes a Thunder Storm that drains 20 HP but can hit Thor.

Special 4: Mjinior: Thor summons his hammer which knocks every enemy in it's way coming to Thor.

Super Move: Thunder Storm: Thor uses Thunder Bolt, but it hits all enemies across the area.


There are 5 unlockable characters.

Theme: The Ultimate Show

"Find the darkness. GIVE IN"

  • Shadow Wario: Shadow Wario is the corrupted version of Wario, possibly from an alternate reality. He is medium like his counterpart and must be unlocked by beating Arcade mode.

Special 1: Dark Hadouken: Shadow Wario sends a Dark Hadouken which shoots at the back of him.

Special 2: Poison Mushroom: Shadow Wario throws a Poison mushroom that is reckless and uncontrollable but poisons the foe. It can hurt Shadow Wario though.

Special 3: Shade Fist: Same as Vivian's mode.

Special 4: Shadow Ring: The character uses a shadow ring that tosses anything inside it off the stage and will knock anyone who touches it off the stage.

Super Move: Stars of Darkness. Ztars shoot up from below doing 20 damage and poisoning anyone who is hit by the ztars.

Theme: Marx's Theme


  • Tabuu: Tabuu is the leader of Subspace who wants to take over all. He is very medium in weight and is a bit floaty in jumps but can run at high speeds. He is unlocked after beating Arcade mode.

Special 1: Chains of Light: Tabuu whips you with his chains. These are fast and will hit any foe no matter then distance. It has no power and does no damage but pulls the foe to Tabuu.

Special 2: Teleport: Tabuu teleports away.

Special 3: Bullet Rain: Tabuu shoots a rain of bullets that lasts for 5 seconds but can not be aimed and will have no effect if the foe moves and they will be in trouble.

Special 4: Off Wave: Tabuu only shoots one Off Wave. It is hard to use and is very slow but does 10 damage and knocks the foe off the stage.

Super Move: Winged Tabuu: Tabuu gains his wings allowing him to fly. His attack is also doubled. This lasts for 10 seconds.

Theme: Forest Maze

"I've got a Bomb! Never leave home without 'em."

  • Croco: Croco is a thieving crocodile who over time has found a rival in Wario. He is balanced. He is unlocked by beating Story Mode.

Special 1: Spin Jump: Croco spin jumps up doing small damage but high knockback. It is very fast.

Special 2: Bomb: Croco stands still and must aim his bomb with the right stick. It is difficult to use but if successful knocks the enemy off the stage.

Special 3: Sleep: Croco makes the foe sleep for 3 seconds immobilizing them.

Special 4: Chomp: Croco throws a rolling chomp(instead of a random enemy) that rolls wherever. It can be useless but can do lots of damage.

Super Move: Superbombomb: Same as Vivian's.

Theme: Rawk Hawk


  • Rawk Hawk: Rawk Hawk is a powerful fighter formerly known as the champ of the Glitz Pit. However, Mario beat him. Will Rawk Hawk be able to show his skills? Rawk Hawk is a heavy character. He must be unlocked by playing as all the characters in Brawl mode(including the other unlockable characters).

Special 1: Slide Kick: Rawk Hawk slowly kicks to the side. It is very slow but immediately knocks the foe out of the arena.

Special 2: Glide: Rawk Hawk glides to the other side of the stage slowly. It does nothing alone but can be used to start aerial combos.

Special 3: Stomp: Same as Mario.

Special 4: Prop Stop: Rawk Hawk jumps to the top of the stage protecting himself.

Super Move: Superman Slam: Rawk Hawk locks on to the foe for a sure hit doing 20 damage at high speeds with no knockback.

Theme: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Galactus Theme

"I am a god!"

  • Galactus: Galactus is the last survivor of a world destroyed. He appears in a weak human like form as his true form is too great. He is very tall and large and heavy. He is also very slow but is a powerhouse. He is unlocked by beating all challenges.

Special 1: Flick: Galactus does a finger flick that is slow and melee but will knock the foe off the stage.

Special 2: Grab: Galactus picks up the foe immobilizing them.

Special 3: Throw: Galactus picks up Galactus and aims his throw. This can be used to kncok foe off easily repeatedly.

Special 4: Laser: Galctus shoots an eye laser. They do 15 damage and go straight across and don't deviate.

Super Move: Devourer of Worlds: Galctus eats the stage doing a definite amount of 30 damage to every foe.

List of Challenges

  • 1. Friendly Fight: Defeat Luigi with only light hits.

Character(s): Mario

  • 2. Test of Speed: Race to the end of the stage

Character(s): Sonic

  • 3. Chaos comes in three: Defeat Bowser, Steve, and Goku all with the same lifebar.

Character(s): Any

  • 4. Kingdom Waffles: Defeat 100 heartless.

Character(s): Sora

  • 5. Halberd Crew: Defeat Wario using only the Minion move.

Character(s): Meta-Knight

  • 6. Glitch'D: As Missingno, charge up and use Game Breaker 4 times.

Character(s): Missingno

  • 7. Judge a Book by it's Cover: Kill 3 Bowsers as Antoine.

Character(s): Antoine

  • 8. One Liner Lashing: Play as DeathSpank/Sonic and defeat the other with only 25% HP left.

Character(s): DeathSpank, Sonic

  • 9. The Best Salesman: As Hank, you must fend off the hordes of people by throwing Propane Tanks at them in 30 seconds.

Character(s): Hank Hill

  • 10. Amelia Jacques: Using Jacques, you must glide to the finish by hopping on foes without touching the spilky ground.

Character(s): JonTron

  • 11. Go, go Gadget!: Inspector Gadget must defeat three Gokus using only special moves.

Character(s): Inspector Gadget.

  • 12. The Master of Scares: As Jack, you have to sneak around scaring 4 kids scattered across the stage.

Character(s): Jack Skellington

  • 13. Hide and Seek: Using Ghost Sense, you must find 8 hiding ghosts.

Character(s): Danny Phantom

  • 14. Ghastly Melee: Between Danny Phantom, Jack Skellington, and Vivian, you must pick one and defeat the other two.

Character(s): Vivian, Danny Phantom, Jack Skellington.

  • 15. Army of the Gods: Thor must fight off 1000 soldiers by kncoking them off the stage susing only mjinor.

Character(s): Thor

  • 16. Ultimate Rivalry: Playing as Shadow Wario/Wario you must defeat three of the other.

Character(s): Wario, Shadow Wario

  • 17. Chain Control: Using the Chains of Light, you must knock all of the drones off of the flag.

Character(s): Tabuu

  • 18. Croco Pinball: Using Chomp, you have to throw a chomp in the correct position to get a higher score then 4000.

Character(s): Croco

  • 19. Prop Stop Flop: Using Prop Stop, you must climb the ceilings and fall to the ground to finish the hazardous stage.

Character(s): Rawk Hawk

  • 20. Quick Snack: In a minute, you have to beat on a drone to build up SP and use the Devourer of Worlds move.

Character(s): Galactus

  • 21. Finale 21: Using the same lifebar, you must defeat Shadow Wario, Galactus, and Bowser.

Character(s): Any






  • The Baseline: A boring simple stage with no gimmicks. Perfect for training.
  • Fighting Ring: A simple ring for boxers. The only gimmick is the boundaries, which stretch and fling  and can be used to counter attack.
  • Mansion of the Gods: Wario's grand 2 floor mansion. The first floor is normal with no gimmicks, but the second floor is filled with booby traps and items.
  • Brave New World: A nameless open world featured in Minecraft. By day, it's normal, but by night various monsters try to kill you.
  • World 1-1: A complete 2D reconstruction of the first level in SM3DW. Various goombas will try to attack and koopa shells can be picked up and thrown.
  • Dragon Rock: The rocky area of Mount Paozu. The player must be very careful. If they fall into the river, it's an instant KO.
  • Yen Sid's Tower: A very tall tower where Master Yen Sid resides. As the match goes on, more hazards come like dancing brooms and at the top the powerful Chernabog.
  • Arkham Asylum: This stage takes place on the roof of the asylum. It has various spotlights, if you are caught in them, various missiles home in on you. Near the end of the battle, the Batwing flies in dropping various items.
  • Green Hill Zone: A loopy stage. If you are caught in any speed booster you will be set through the loop in the background. If you get stuck in bouncy springs though, you are sent flying off the stage.
  • Keyblade Ship: A swinging pirate ship at night with fantastic lights and sound. It was used as an attack in KH3, but here it's a stage! It swings back and forth, and rotates completely every 10 swings.
  • D.R.E.A.M HQ: The location of the crime fighting force in Dream Land. The stage is normal at first, but soon, aliens appear and shoot at you and your opponent and increase in madness and numbers.
  • The Forbidden Forest: A quiet forest filled with danger. The forest has a time theme. In the morning, unicorn blood appears to heal you, in the afternoon, various spiders drop from the trees, doing random good or bad things. At sunset, the Time Turner appears which can be used to travel to any chosen time of day. At night, Death Eaters appear casting horrible spells everywhere.
  • Power Plant: Homer's job. It takes place in the pit of nuclear acid. The stage is controlled by a sleeping Homer or a paper cut out of Homer. He rotates the stage and makes items rain. Meanwhile, if you fall in the acid you take damage. Sometimes, monsters from the Treehouse of Horror series appear attacking.
  • Lavender Town: A creepy infamous stage from Pokemon. The level starts calm and eerily quiet with no music. However, at some random time, random parts of the track play. No gimmicks.
  • Scrooge's Mansion: A large mansion that is a clone of the Mansion of the Gods that is more difficult with less items and more hazards.
  • Luigi's Mind: At first, the stage is a cloudy dream with various items. Deep into the match, it becomes a nightmare with storm clouds and lava below with no items.
  • Robotropolis: The dark version of mobius from SATAM. It takes place inside a factory. The only ground is zig-zagging treadmills that lead into a large machine. If you fall in, you'll be roboticized, immobilizing you for 10 seconds.
  • Bowser's Track: A replica of the boss battle from SM3DW with Bowser in his car. The stage is always moving forward and there are lava pits and Bowser chasing you. If you're caught, you'll be launched off the screen.
  • AntiDeath Spank's Lair: A villainous hideout with many parallels of Hell. It's very firey with a few floating platforms. If you fall, you'll fall into lava, which will send you dashing off the screen.
  • Propane Warehouse: The place where Strickland Propanegets their propane. Usually normal, but can turn crazy if someone picks up and throws 1 or more propane tanks.
  • Space: The final frontier. The battle takes place on a small meteor. Things are quite crazy though because of uncontrollable podracers, Ace battling Borf, and flying Star Fox Adventures and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts discs.
  • The City: A crazy city where the art style and characters are not pixels but actually crudely animated cel shaded figures. M.A.D airships fly through the air dropping bombs, and often Inspector Gadgets running around lollygagging. He randomly uses his gadgets which can help or hinder characters.
  • Sprial Hill: The famous spiral hill from the Nightmare before Christmas. It curls up and down and sometimes grabs the player and throws them. Oogie Boogie often appears to throw explosive dices or mystery items.
  • Fenton Labs: The local of the famous unstable ghost portal. The labs have no gimmick, but soon, the ghost portal will open, and there a crazy bout will happen. The arena is free flowing with no gravity and features various items that are powerful only against non ghost type characters.
  • Creepy Steeple: Doopliss's grand fortress. It features 4 doors, each one leading somewhere, either upstairs, back down,  or out another door. Downstairs features various ghost related items similar to the Ghost Zone and Boo enemies. Upstairs has Doopliss which will copy your opponent and attack you and turn you into another character temporarily.
  • Asgard: The grand realm of gods. The beginning has the autoscrolling Rainbow Bridge with various items, and then switches to outside the palace. It has no bounds and a small area with the palace in the background. As such, falling off is very easy. Cthulu also appear shooting at you in spaceships.
  • The Void: The world between worlds. It is free flowing like the Ghost Zone and features various hazards like flying lasers and asteroids.
  • The Great Maze: A villainous and insane maze made from the locales of Subspace. Each door leads to a mini version of another stage, a room with various enemies, a room with a wealth of items, or even sometimes random bosses from Story Mode.
  • Moleville Mines: The battle in this arena takes place on two, three, or four mine carts racing on different tracks that sometimes collide.
  • Glitz Pit: Very similar to the fighting ring. However, each battle in the pit has rules, just like in the game it came from, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The power generator appears 20% of the time. If it does, the battle will have no rules and the generator will make fighters giant and up their attack.
  • Earth2: A battle on the white sleek board above the two melted Earths. It is slippery and features Galactus standing above. He will often reach down and throw you off theboard or eat the board if the battle exceeds 3 minutes.




  • The game's name means Waffle.
  • This is actually the second Baby Waffle from Wario Inc. the first being the cancelled Waffle Rampage.

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