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Waffle land is a Nintendo 2DS game it follows the adventure of 2 best friends in a mission to stop Feron from invading the whole town by living waffles.



It all started on a Monday it was time for school Dfrang's mom was waking Dfrang up so everything went out good so far normal.

Dfrang was eating breakfast when suddently something was strange about the waffle he was eating it started to make strange noises Dfrang speak sofley and said "Wait a second something's not right here waffles aren't supposed to talk" so then Dfrang showed his mom that the waffle was making strange noices weirdly his mom check and it didn't make any sound the waffle is trying to make it look like he was insane so then Dfrang went to school everything was normal untill Dfrang saw a waffle walking it may had apppeared like Dfrang was insane again but but IT WAS JUST HIS TEACHER MR.MUFFLY OR WAS IT? anyways it keep hapaning again and again even at his sleep he can still picture like the talking waffles where right inside his head.

The next day Dfrang woke up it felt like everything was normal again "OR IS THIS WAFFLE NIGHTMARE OVER OR WAS IT ALL A DREAM" still Dfrang could not help but look like he was actually not insane.

So then suddendly another waffle comes in Dfrang's room Dfrang freaks out and calls his mom his mom quickly comes in and the waffle quickly disapeares Dfrang says "LOOK MOM THERE REALLY IS A TALKING WAFFLE LOOK LOOK HIS RIGHT There?" so Dfrang's mom says "Stop over reacting it was just a nightmare you where having waffles can't really talk they can't walk either sweaty you don't have to take those dreams seriously they are just dreams not really real it's all in your head"

The next day Dfrang saw the talking waffle again and this time not just one no but hundreds and hundreds of waffles in Dfrang's room Dfrang started to scream "MOM MOM TALKING WAFFLES I SEE THEM THEY ARE REAL MOM LOOK AT ALL THESE WAFFLES COME ON MOM TO SHOW YOU THAT I AM NOT CRAZY'

The taking waffles put tape on Dfrang's mouth and they quicky disappear with Dfrang in also.


Waffle Land
Full Name Dfrang
Gender male

Waffle Land
Full Name Max

Waffle Land
Full Name Ferron

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