Luigi at the Waffle Door

Waffle Door is an important object in the game Paper Luigi. This door was said to have the power to grant the person who opens it, eternal breakfast foods. The Pancakions have tried to harness this power from the Waffless people. It is unkown what really happens once you open this door.

Picture [Waffle Door]

Luigi and Torque have arrived at Waffle Door. They are using the "Truth Stone" to rebuild the sancturary (thus the pencil and outlined� frame� is there). You can see a swirling vortex in the backround, which is unkown. Also Waffler (An angry Waffless) has followed Luigi to help him on his quest. You can also see statue's of Waffless on the pillars.


-The Waffle Door may be the flip-side of The Thousand Year Door

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