Waevin is a Raven from Lavalava Island who assists Kolorado during the events of Kolorado's Kwest. When Kolorado came to Lavalava Island he needed to speak with Raphael the Raven so he needed to borrow the Jade Raven from the village leader Yoob, Yoob didn't trust Kolorado so he sent Waevin with him.

Waevin stayed with Kolorado and his friends through the journey, to make sure that Kolorado remained honest of course. Waevin can speak in human tongue but when he's angry at Kolorado he often swaps back to his native tongue with a series of Caws, which is quite often.

Waevin and his tribe of good Ravens can fly and so he allows Kolorado to jump on his back and fly over short distances, however he can't hold him for long so it's only short distacnes. He is one of the weakest characters in battle.

At the end of the game he returned to the Raven tribe on Lavalava Island and went home with the other Ravens, he wanted to return to his family. He never spoke of his adventure on the outside world again under the order of Raphael, Ravens have a habit of being tempted by evil.

Journey to the outside World

When the Koopa Troopa explorer Kolorado came back to Lavalava Island requesting the Jade Raven, Yoob didn't trust him and so Waevin was sent as an escort for the precious raven statuette. He stayed with Kolorado for the entire adventure, hovering him over short gaps.


  • Peck - A basic move used only on characters on the ground. Waevin does 1 damage on Normal Rank (2 if timed correctly), 2 on Super Rank (4 if timed correctly) and 4 on Ultra Rank (6 if timed correctly). It is available from the start.
  • Flying Kick - An aerial move, Waevin flys up with his feet and kicks foes, a skill unusual amongst Ravens. It does 2 damage on Normal Rank (4 if timed correctly), 4 on Super Rank (6 if timed correctly) and 5 on Ultra Rank (8 if timed correctly). It takes up 4 Koopy Points.
  • Raven's Bless - Waevin increases Kolorado's defence by two points, it takes up 3 Koopy Points and you have to be on Super Rank to use the move.
  • Raven Strike - Waevin sings out a song and calls in a flock of Ravens, they attack everybody on stage for 4 damage. It takes up 3 Koopy Points and you must be on Ultra Rank to use the move.


  • Waevin did not appear on the cover art for Kolorado's Kwest allthough the optional partner Kaki did.

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