Wade is an evil Toad from the Mushroom Kingdom. He is Toad's rival.


Wade is more like Boshi than the Wario Bros. Like how Yoshi is Toad's partner, Boshi is Wade's partner. Like Boshi, Wade is mean and constantly harasses other toads. He and Boshi are normally seen making mischief, and they sometimes team up with the Wario Bros.

He seems to be very evil as well as in one fanfic, he kidnaps Toadette and stations many of his soldiers (god knows how he got them) to stop Toad ans friends from rescuing her.


Wade had a rough childhood. When he was five, he got lost in the woods on a family vacation to Yoshi's Island, where he met Boshi who helped him get back to his family

To be continued


  • Wade was created to act as the fourth player in the Super Wario Bros series, whilst Boshi acts as the third player.
  • Wade was named after Wade Wilson (Deadpool), a character created by Marvel Comics.
  • He seems to have a crush on Toadette, Toad's sister (which is ironic).

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