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Waddle Omega
Developer(s) WaddleInc.
Product Family Video-game console
Console Type Portable
Subtype(s) Handheld
Release Date(s)
January 2016 or February 2016
The Waddle Omega is a console by WaddleInc. and is the second console they have made. It will be released somewhere between January 2016 and February 2016.


They're the confirmed games.

Buttons / Layout

The Waddle Omega has a few buttons. A, B, Y, X, R, L, ZR, ZL, Start, Select, Home. It has a D-PAD and a Joystick / Control Stick.


The Waddle Omega has users, and supports WiFi. The apps you start off with are below.

  • Waddle eShop
  • Character Maker
  • YouTube
  • Web Explorer
  • Download Play
  • Camera & Sound


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