Waddle Doodle is a Waddle Dee  the leader of the Shellcreeper Army in the game Kirby RPG and the Infinity Shard

Waddle Doodle
Leader of the Shellcreeper Army
Current Age 27
Date of Birth 7/14/1973
Gender Male
Species Waddle Dee
Location Dreamland
Current Status It's Complicated
Shellcreeper Army
Main Weapon(s) Army of Shellcreepers or Umbrella
Height 2"4'
Weight 13lbs
Sexuality Gay
Voice Actor(s)
Alan Rickman (Voices recorded in 2015 before he died)
First Appearance Kirby RPG an the Infinity Shard
Latest Appearance Kirby RPG and the Infinity shard
Series Kirby RPG Infinity Shards


Waddle Doodle was a normal Waddle Dee living in Dreamland. Once the Infinity Comet flew over Popstar, he chased after it and found where it landed. He saw the Portal Through Dimensions open up, and in a hurry to defend himself grabbed a shard from the comet. After he grabbed it, Shellcreepers  came out and did his bidding. With an entire army of Shellcreepers at his side, he decided that he wanted to rule the world.

On his Journey to rule the world, he found out that Kirby was gathering a crew and trying to stop him. He also found out that he wasn;t the only one gainging power with and infinity shard and other people were going to stop Kirby. Kirby was being slowed down which allowed Waddle doodle to gain more time so he started to work on making some of his minions more powerful by giving them parts of the infinity shard's power.

Once the army of Shellcreepers was reduced to under 500, he sought out to find help. He found Joe Koopa and they created an agreement that Waddle Doodle would help him find his missing stepchildren as long as Joe would help him kill Kirby. Waddle Doodle could not find Joe afterwards and was angry with him when suddenly Kirby found him and they fought. Waddle Doodle used up his remainging Shellcreepers but at the end died.


Waddle Doodle is Green because of a birth defect that almost killed him. He is commonly seen holding a parasol which is believed to hold his Infinity Shard, but that is not confirmed. Waddle Doodle also usually has derpy eyes because he went crazy with power.