Waddle Doink in Space
Developer(s) Newstudio
Publisher(s)  ???
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Jan. 7 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) strategy adventure
Series Newspaper DeDeDe
Predecessor a Very Newspaper DeDeDe Christmas
Successor  ???
Media Included  ???
Waddle Doink in Space is a 2d platformer, it is playable on 3ds and PC.  This game fetures Waddle Doink as thestar. It fetures 5 worlds, 2 minigames, and a secret mode unlocked by collecting Planetite, an ore from the game. The game's enemys are the same as Kirby's enemys, but with cute little space helmets. Newspaper DeDeDe is also playable, and there is a new charactor named pants the scarfy who will help you out along the way


The story starts off where Waddle Doink is sitting in a chair, wondering when Newspaper DeDeDe will get back from shopping, when suddenly he drops his food on the floor unmeaningly. He looks around trying to find whatever did that, when a ghost of a pizza shows up before his eye. It tells him that it is Pepperonly, the only Pizza in the world that has the power to possess. It said it has waited for a day when he could find a Waddle Dee all alone, but he didn't come earlier because he is slow. Waddle Doink argues and tells him that he was probably not the only pizza in the world that could possess stuff, and the pizza gets angry. Pepperonly than sends Waddle Doink to outer space where he can stay untell Pepperonly decides what to do with him.


The gameplay is pretty similer to other games. You play as Waddle Doink in outer space. Use A to jump, and Y to shoot lasers. (PC controls not yet known)  you may shoot two lasers before at least one gets out of the screen, and jump once before hitting the ground. Later in the game you find pants the scarfy who will help you in your journy by granting you the ability to:

  1. Run with B
  2. shoot 4 lasers at a time
  3. double jump
  4. shoot more powerful lasers (hold Y) (15 planitite)
  5. triple jump (10 planetite)

Note: 5 and 4 may be switched around and are optional to get, however triple jumping is reccomended for the final boss of the game. the way you defeat enemys is by shooting them with lasers. most enemys take 2 lasers to beat however some take 3. enemys defeated with weak lasers (before the upgrade) will come back when you get out of vision and than back like most Kirby enemys. In the game, you will also walk slightly slower and jump higher when compared to other games. Overall, the main point of the game is to get out of space and collect planitite, whitch is found in secret areas of space. and used to unlock other things. 

Level Design

Most levels are very tall, but not to wide. the game lets you play in a way where the background and floor is reletivly dull, but all the charactors and enemys are bright and nice. the levels usually feature multiple bad guys and you needing to get around them without them hurting you. there are multiple ways to do this, Jumping past, killing, etc. You must get through enemys while going towards the goal in the right/top. usually, the levels have parts where you climb and parts where you go to the right. there are also some levels where here is no floor, where as in those ones you always go to the goal in the right. Each area has 10 levels, and 5 planetite to collect in the area. There is also one place where Pants Scarfy is, and where you can get an upgrade.


Worlds description boss
1 through the hole

Dark, eerie levels envolvinglaser related enemys and creepy backgrounds

2 Spinning Stations  Machanical planet like places. The level designs are more problematic than the enemys ???
3 Meteor Motors Fast paced levels including meteor surfing! ???
4 Saturn Stars a place with design of ease, but enemys of great toughness! Teletubbies
Milkyway Manor Pepperonlys space manor. includes everything above.


Hard Mode

Hard mode is a mode playable with 20 planetite. In this mode, all the controls are flipped! The level designs are slightly less fast paced, while the enemys remain the same. In this mode, to get any upgrades, you need to have collected all the Planetite in the area. The bosses are inverted and your life bar is displayed without a persentage, making it slightly harder to tell when you need to heal up.

Paper Passerz

After colelcting every Planetite in the games, you are able to unlock another new mode where you play as Newspaper DeDeDe. You get a hammer that does a little more damage than laser vision, and you are able to fly. This modes differences are:

  1. more flying enemys
  2. 2 extra worlds, Paper planet and Comic Cornicopia.
  3. Bosses are harder, dealing more damage and having more life
  4. instead of  Pants Scarfy, it is Waddle Doink
  5. Levels are different, having similer detail, but different design.

the story of this mode starts out when King Dedede is looking at Waddle Doink in the news, he finds that Waddle Doink saved the world AND got all of the planetite. The king gets angry, and wants himself to be in the paper, so he gets inside the newspaper, becoming Newspaper DeDeDe and making it look like he saved the world. 


Spoiler Warning plot and/or ending details follow

Waddle Doink beats Pepperonly and Pepperonly admits defeat, IF he can beat him in a thumb wrestle. So you beat him with ease, and he says he still hasnt decided what to do wit you yet, and that he wont let you go. That's when Pants Scarfy shows up and tells you he has an idea to get you out. all you need to do is get through the portal Pepperonly keeps in his bathroom. You go through, and return to your home where Newspaper DeDeDe had just showed up. Waddle Doink tries to tell Newspaper DeDeDe about his adventure, but he doesnt believe Waddle Doink. The End. However, there is an alternate ending. If you collect all the Planetite than Pants tells you that he made another copy of a pepperony pizza that possesses people out of Planitite. Pepperonly gets so angry, he says he will let you back as long as you can never show him the pizza again. So you go back home and our all over the news! Newspaper DeDeDe  is a little jellious but he congradulates him anyways. Either way, you are always aloud to replay level by simply going threw the portal.

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