Waddle Doink (character)
Waddle doink
Waddle Doink is the partner of Newspaper Dedede character.
Full Name Waddle Doink
Current Age 11
Date of Birth 3/12/2003
Gender Male
Species Waddle Dee
Location Dreamland
Main Weapon(s) none
First Appearance Newspaper Dedede 1 the Beginning
Latest Appearance A Very Newspaper Dedede Christmas

Waddle Doink is the secondary character in the Newspaper Dedede series, but he stars in a few games himself. 


Waddle Doink is a friendly, dim-witted Waddle Dee. He is commonly seen with cross eyes. He is very loyal to Newspaper Dedede, and anyone else that he knows are good people. He has a strong need to help people, but doesn't like geting into fights. This is because of how his parents mistreated him, and he didn't want anyone else to feel like that. He sometimes uses a laser beam for battle.


Waddle Doink was born in March, 2003. His family had mistreated him, and everyone else. They were not very nice, and he felt the need to leave. So he packed his laser, and a ham sandwitch, and left his home at the age of 7. He traveled not so far when he grew very thirsty and hungry. He went into a market and asked for food, sadly he only brought 25 cents, so he sat at the door, sad and crying. After a while, a nice man who was black and white came in the store. He found Waddle Doink and thought of him as a minion. After a while, there friendship grew, and they were great friends.


Waddle Doink is mainly green with his shoes varying from green to orange. He uses laser vision yet is also seen with a parasol. His eyes are black and his pupils are white, though there are not always signs of him being stupid, it can usually be infered that no matter what he is still the stupidest waddle dee/doo in the bunch.


Thank everyone so much for making sprites and models!