Waddle Dee Disaster was a free game as part of the Kirby series released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on June 7th 2016 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Kirby's Dream Land being re-released on the nintendo e-shop. Waddle Dee Disaster was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by nintendo.


The game is short in length and has little plot. The only detail given is that Galactic Nova was re-awakened by a group of 7 warriors, one of them used the wish to control the inhabitants of Dream Land, various characters are manipulated and it's up to Waddle Dee to save the day.

At the end of the game it's revealed that the warrior that made the wish was Shadow Marx.


The player plays as a Waddle Dee, you have to run back and forth collecting wood and stone as a house starts to build out of it for many unaffected characters to take refuge. While this happens you will be attacked by bosses and find copy essences around the level. To win you need to finish the house and beat every boss the stage has to offer. Every boss is restored and enters your house after defeat.

Before you begin each stage you get to chose from colours and special skins.


Every level has 2 stages within them, along with a ending boss.

Marsh Madness

Marsh Madness is the first level of the game, it's a forested area and your house is built around Whispy Woods in the second level.

Bosses (Stage 1): Corrupted Giant Sawyer, Corrupted Bonkers

Bosses (Stage 2): Corrupted Bugzzy, Corrupted Grand Wheelie, Corrupted Bonkers Revenge.

Main Boss: Corrupted Kracko.

Attacking Atoms

Attacking Atoms is the level stage, set some sort of outdoors science fair, Mt.Dedede can be seen in th background.

Bosses (Stage 1): Corrupted Giant Spark-I, Corrupted Mr. Tick-Tock, Corrupted Blocky

Bosses (Stage 2): Corrupted Kibble Blade, Corrupted Mr. Tick-Tock, Corrupted King Doo

Main Boss: Corrupted Meta Knight.

Raving Raddishes

Raving Raddishes is set on a farm and is the third level of the game.

Bosses (Stage 1): Corrupted Blocky, Corrupted Gigant Edge, Corrupted Blocky's Revenge

Bosses (Stage 2): Corrupted Grand Wheelie, Corrupted Kibble Blade, Corrupted Hornhead

Main Boss: Corrupted Dedede.

Xyloid Xylophones

Xyloid Xylophones is set inside Dedede's castle. It has a musical theme, there's a stronger focus on wooden instruments.

Bosses (Stage 1): Corrupted Paintra, Corrupted Big Chilly, Corrupted Bugzzy's Revenge

Bosses (Stage 2): Corrupted Waddle Dee, Corrupted Mr Shine and Mr Bright, Corrupted Lololo and Lalala, Corrupted Giant Waddle Dee

Main Boss: Corrupted Kirby.

Magic into Rampage & Race Of Rivals

Both of these levels make up 2 phases of one boss, Shadow Marx.

During his first phase you fight Shadow Marx in the throne room of Dedede's castle. Shadow Marx then destroys the room and races to reawaken Nova to re-wish the world the way he wanted it. The restored Kirby carries over the warp star, the Waddle Dee jumps on and the second phase begins.

Available abilities

  • Spear
  • Hammer
  • Archer
  • Mike
  • Fighter
  • Sword
  • Whip
  • Cutter


  • The game was planned to release April 27th, to mark exactly 24 years since Kirby Dream Land's release, though it was ket back.
    • This is possibly due to time constraints.
  • Every stage name alliterates, the titles also provide foreshadowing to the appearance of Shadow Marx. If you take the first letter from each stage you get the name M-A-R-X.
    • If one does the same with the Shadow Marx boss battle phase names, M-I-R-R-O-R is spelled out.

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