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  • (Theme Song Plays)
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • That a name you should know.
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • He's the star of the show
  • He's more than you think
  • He's got maxiumum pink
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby's the one
  • He comes right back at ya
  • He comes right back at ya
  • Give it all that you got
  • Give your very best shot
  • He'll send it it right back at ya for sure
  • ???: How can a help you King Dedede
  • King Dedede: I need a Pokemon to clobber that Kirby
  • ???: That's what we do best at NME
  • Waddle Dee: You better give it with a money back guarantee
  • (Trumpet Solo)
  • Oh, Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • Saving the day
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby
  • He's here to stay
  • Don't be fooled by his size you won't believe you eyes
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Kirrrrrby (Kirby)
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Kirby, Kirby, Kirby's the one
  • Kirby and Pokemon, yeah
  • (Episode's Title arrives)
  • Tiff (voice): Waddle Dee Begins
  • (Episode Begins)
  • King Dedede: I wonder when I gonna start my training?
  • Waddle Dee: Me too.
  • King Dedede: You're not going to fool! What were you thinking?
  • Waddle Dee: Sorry sir. I just really want a Pokemon of my own.
  • King Dedede: Don't worry, Waddle Dee. You might get one some day.
  • Waddle Dee: Really?
  • King Dedede: No!
  • (laughs)
  • Waddle Dee: Got me again!
  • (Meanwhil closer to the second gym)
  • Waddle Dee: Why does Dedede has to be so mean?
  • ???: Hey, are you Waddle Dee?
  • Waddle Dee: Why, yes, yes I am.
  • ???: Than you just won one Venonat!
  • Waddle Dee: Really?
  • ???: Yes, but first ask me one question.
  • Waddle Dee: Sure thing.
  • ???: Who am I?
  • (Waddle Dee thinks for a bit)
  • Waddle Dee: That voice. You must be Nightmare!
  • Nightmare: How do you know? Who cares, here's your Venonat, now go get Kirby!
  • Waddle Dee: Yes sir!
  • Nightmare: "sighs" That was close...
  • (Meanwhile with Tiff, Tuff and Kirby)
  • Kirby: We've haven't heard from Waddle Dee for a while. I bet he'd change.
  • Waddle Dee (offscreen): Oh, I bet on it!
  • (Waddle Dee and Venonat jump in)
  • Waddle Dee: I'm now a Pokemon Trainer.
  • (The three look at each other, than laugh)
  • Tiff: No affence Waddle Dee, but your too short.
  • Waddle Dee: Oh, we'll seeze to that! Venonat, poision sing on Tiff!
  • Tiff: What?
  • (Venonat prepares to attack but a Water Gun attack)
  • Waddle Dee: What th...
  • Tuff: Waddle Dee, I got something to tell you.
  • Waddle Dee: Yeah, what?
  • Tuff: Look, your Venonat fainted.
  • (Tuff was right, Squirtle has defeated Venonat)
  • Kirby: Fell for it again.
  • Waddle Dee: I did not fall for it at all!
  • Tuff: Oh, of course.
  • Sqirtle: Yeah.
  • (Squirtle glowed)
  • Waddle Dee: Oh no, not again.
  • (Squirtle turns into Wartortle)
  • Waddle Dee: Yes, that's what I thought.
  • Kirby: I know right.
  • Waddle Dee: We meet again. Ka-bam!
  • (Fails to escape and gets expoled in the face)
  • Waddle Dee: Well this stinks...
  • (Waddle Dee just leaves)
  • Tiff: Sorry Waddle Dee...
  • Kirby and Tuff: Sorry?!
  • Tiff: Oh dear...
  • Kirby: Never say that again! Waddle Dee is bad.
  • Tiff: Sorry, guys.
  • Tuff: That's okay. Now guys, let's get to the gym before anything else happens.
  • (Meanwhile at castle Dedede)
  • King Dedede: Well well well, look whos back.
  • Waddle Dee: Hi sir.
  • King Dedede: We better find a Pokemon for me.
  • (Dedede sees Venonat)
  • King Dedede: Oh dear, busted!
  • Waddle Dee: Oh no!
  • King Dedede: Well, good for you!
  • Waddle Dee: Huh?
  • King Dedede: I was just faking you so you can find one.
  • Waddle Dee: You planed it?
  • King Dedede: Yeah, now here's the plan. (whispers the plan to Waddle Dee)
  • "Now Waddle Dee is a real Pokemon Trainer. Now all that's left is to find an Arbok for Dedede and Tiff may be done. Is this true? Or will Tiff win? Tune in next time for the next exciting episode of Kirby and Pokemon"

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