Waddle Daa
Waddle Daa
The cute female Waddle Dee.
Gender Female
Species Waddle Dee
Location Pop Star, Dream Land
Current Status Alive
Class May be either an heroine or a villain depending on Dedede's whims.
King Dedede, Waddle Dee Troop
Main Weapon(s) Umbrella
Ability/ies Manipulation of her umbrella
First Appearance Kirby's Dream Land 3D
Latest Appearance Kirby: Dream Land's Hope
 Waddle Daa is a pink, female Waddle Dee wearing a gold bow. She serves King Dedede along with Bandanna Dee and other Waddle Dees. She first appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3D as a playable character.

Physical Appearance

Waddle Daa is a pink Waddle Dee with cyan shoes and a yellow/gold bow on her head. She has green eyes and unlike other Waddle Dees, she has a mouth. She's always seen with a pink umbrella.


Waddle Daa has an umbrella with her which she can use to attack her foes. Waddle Daa handles her umbrella similarly to a Parasol Waddle Dee, except she can perform more moves such as flying with it, harm enemies at any possition, shoot magical dust, confuse, etc. It can be used for protection as well.

Game Appearances

Kirby's Dream Land 3D

Waddle Daa debuts in this game as a playable character who accompanies her leader King Dedede to help Kirby on his newest quest to save Pop Star and the whole universe. Waddle Daa has the ability to use a powerful umbrella that can protect her and attack at the same time. Waddle Daa is the fastest playable character in the game.

Kirby 3DS

Waddle Daa reappears in Kirby 3DS. She left Dedede's Waddle Dee Troop and joined Kirby in his quest to stop Dedede. Little is known about her role in the game so far, other than the fact that she is one of the four main characters.

Kirby's Adventure 3D

Waddle Daa makes two small cameos in this game. To see her the player must download the level pack in the game's DLC and go over to Castle Dedede. On the third stage in the background she is seen in a crowd of  Waddle Dees. 

Waddle Daa can also be seen in the Kirby Master video unlocked when the player achives 100% on normal mode. In it she can be seen on the third row on the forth seat starting from the right on the row cheering for Kirby.

Kirby Dreamland Wii U

Waddle Daa is, along with Dedede, helping Kirby on the quest to save the universe. She can't float, but uses her Umbrella to descend slowly, and is the fastest character

Kirby Super Star Supreme

In this game, Waddle Daa replaces Waddle Dee as the Parasol helper. She appears as a helper and also appears as a Helper to Hero as a playable character. She also has a important role in Dee Quest, where she is one of the playable characters.

Super Smash Bros. Battle

Waddle Daa makes her debut in a Smash Bros game as an Assist Trophy. She runs around the arena, floating around and shooting dust from her parasol that temporarily stuns opponents. She also has a trophy.

Trophy Description: Waddle Daa is one of King Dedede's minions. She is one of the only female Waddle Dees that work under Dedede. She uses a Parasol to fight, and usually shoots dust from parasol. She can also float. She is good friends with Kirby as well, helping him to save the world in Kirby's Dream Land 3D.

You can obtain the trophy in Challenge Mode by playing 100 VS Matches as a Kirby character.

Kirby: Dream Land's Hope

Waddle Daa is set to appear in this game as a playable helper for King Dedede, along with Bandanna Dee and a new character, Sword Doo. She uses her umbrella to attack and to protect her and her partners.

Kirby Twinkle Terror

Waddle Daa appears in some of King Dedede's attacks in the game's "Kirby Quest" subgame, who attacks by using her parasol.


  • Originally, Waddle Daa was going to lack a mouth like other Waddle Dees but she was later given a mouth to differentiate her more from other Waddle Dees.