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Wacky World is a game on the Wii U. It may use amiibo.


In a universe, far away from ours, lies an intresting world known as Wacky World. The wackiest of the inhabitants was Wakee, a green ball with limbs and a cape. He and his best friend Zippy would explore the wonderful world they resise in, and have lots of fun.

One day, in the middle of the streets, a strange portal showed up in a field. It's sparks were so loud, that it woke up Wakee and Zippy from a nap under a birdlirch tree.


Name Image Desc. Playable

A yound lad of Wacky World! He can double jump, and glide with his cape! He is a very silly, and brave soul, and loves to help!

Wakee's robot friend! This guy has a laser gun, and can fly for a short time! Yes
This little guy came out of a portal! He is a lightning fairy who can activate machinery, and go through small spaces! Yes
One of Zippy's friends, and assistant in his lab. He is also the host of "Blowdart's Gamethings" and "Roulette of Despair". No
This gentle giant is the co-host of Blowdart's Gamethings. He's also the creator of the special instruction guide to many levels. No

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