WZL 11: The Rush (or World Zoneball League 11) is a new sports game for the PS3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It features 10 teams from cities across the world as they compete in a new sports league known as the WZL (World Zoneball League). The sport was invented by the creator.

Gameplay & Controls

Before starting a game, you select the team you will play as. Then you will have the option of controlling the whole team, or just one person. When the game starts, you may select which side of the field your team starts on depending on the sun position and wind direction. You will play a game of Zoneball as you try to defeat the opposing team.

Controls will be explained in the positions.

To see how Zoneball is played, see here.


Nova Scotia Bourdons (Les Bourdons et Nouvelle Ecosté)

  • Based in: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Team colors: Brown and Gold

Los Angeles Sunlight

  • Based in: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Team colors: Orange and Black

Edmonton Sparrows

  • Based in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Team colors: Grey and Navy

Madrid Torres

  • Based in: Madrid, Spain
  • Team colors: Red and Black

Brisbane Sharpshooters

  • Based in: Brisbane, Australia
  • Team colors: Purple and White

Berkshire Bolts

  • Based in: Berkshire, UK
  • Team colors: Green and Peach

China Wreckers

  • Based in: China
  • Team colors: Black and White

Pentiction Cloud

  • Based in: Pentiction, B.C., Canada
  • Team colors: White and Blue

Derby Burners

  • Based in: Derby, Derbyshire, England
  • Team colors: Orange and Red

Warsaw Blitz

  • Based in: Warsaw, Poland
  • Team colors: Grey and Deep Red

Positions & Controls

Play Attack (PA)

  • L - Move
  • R - Juggle ball
  • R1 - Initiate Playmaker action
  • R Up - Throw
  • R Down then Up - Power Throw
  • R2 - Sprint
  • X - Jump

Power Attack (PW)

  • L - Move
  • R Down - Prepare for Playmaker action.
  • R Up - Smack ball with paddle. Throw if ball is in possession.
  • R1 - Catch

L1 - Throw ball up.

Tackle (T)

  • L - Move
  • R2 - Sprint
  • R - Tackle

Blocker (B)

  • L - Move
  • R2 - Place Wall
  • R - Move Wall around

Catcher (C)

  • L - Move
  • R - Catch Ball.

Goalie (G)

  • L - Move
  • R - Make Saves
  • Triangle - Catch Ball.



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