This is a strategy game released for the Wii U, PC, 3DS and the upcoming PS4 and XBox 720.


It is Global Warming and the world is changing. America starts war by bombing Iran while Chaina and Russia secretly team up with North and South Korea. NATO gets robotech weapons from Japan and terrisom rises!!!! New weapons are invented and the war starts on the 21/12/12!!!! Will this be the end? It is your choise.


Welcome back, Commander,you have 3 factions: Allies, the Communist Republic and the Rebel Army. The Allies use robotics and the latest technology. The Communist Republic use Fire and new weapons to destroy their enemys and the Rebel Army use cunning but old technology. Each faction has 4 generals.


  • Campainge: Play missions using your forces, Commander!!!
  • Skirmish: You can have a Royal or Grand Finale battle and you can choose your generals, Commander!!
  • Challenge (unlockable): Face againt the Generals in a hard way, Commander!!!
  • LAN or Online: Play againt friends online or play with them connected, Commander!!!!
  • World Builder (Unlockable): Build your own map, Commander!!!!!
  • Extras (Unlockable, only on PC and 3DS): Watch trailers of other games or see guides to playing the game, Commander!!!!!!

Main Weapons (Allies) Unlockable

Super Abraham Tank Main Tank of USA and also the strongest. Can destroy every ground unit. Unlock by building a Tech Center and getting 500000 points.
A.P.C (Combat) Heavily armoured but slow and weak fire power. Used to transport infrantry. Strong vs infrantry and light armoured vehicles. Unlock by building barracks.
Invincible Heavily armoured walker. Slow but powerful. Strong vs vehicles, buildings and aircraft. Unlock by building Robotics Center.
Gojira Named after Godzilla because of it's power. Strong vs everything. Powerful Walker. Unlock by building Robotics Ceter and getting 500000 points.
Mechtech Mark Xlll Main transport. Strong vs infrantry and aircraft. Unlock by building Barracks and Tech Center.
Indestructible Poweful but less armoured. Strong vs All Air units (including small missiles. Unlock by building Airfield and Tech Center.
RoboRoo Can spring in the air at 30 feet. Strong vs all ground and water units. Unlock by getting Airfeild and Seaport
Challenger V. 4 Slighty powerful than a normal Abrahams Tank. Long range. Strong vs infranty, vehicles and buildings. Unlock by getting Barracks and War Factory and Getting 50000 points.
R.P.G Humvee

Can do more damage than a normal Humvee but still as weak. Strong vs Light armoured vehicles and infrantry.

Unlock by getting Tech Center and 50000 points.
Columbia Super Powerful battleship, Long range weapons. Strong vs Grounds units and Water units. Unlock by building Seaport and getting 50000 points with ion bomber.

Main Weapons (Communist Republic) Unlockable

Dragon Tank 2.0 Heavy tank which shoots fire. Strong vs Vehicles, infrantry. Get 50000 points and build tech center to choose fire 1000+ upgrade.
Hydra Fast but heavily armoured tank. Strong vs Everything. Build tech center and Nuclear arsonel silo.
Attack Walker Slow but armoured and powerful. Strong vs buildings, aircraft and tanks. Build Robo center and get 500000 points.
Mother Russia Strong but with light armour. Can build defences around it. Build a Tech center and get 50000 points.

Main Weapons (Rebel Army) Unlockable