There are sub-several sections to the WWE Universe mode.

Edit Calendar: This section allows you to edit or delete shows currently on the calendar, you can change things like the name of the show, the logo, the roster, the arena the show is held in, the match-up screen, the championships in contention on the show, the amount of matches per card and whether there is a universe draft. On top of all of that, you can even add your own ‘Major' or ‘Minor' created events to the calendar, ‘Major' events allow for a much grander roster with more championships to contest for and greater storylines to be created and ‘Minor' events allow for a smaller roster, no championships can be exclusive to this event but they can be defended on the actual show when you create the match card, it is, as the name suggests, simply a minor show.

Edit Superstars: This section allows you to customize every single superstar, whether they are on your roster or not. This section will list every single superstar you have unlocked, created or downloaded and you will be able to edit things like their attributes, their abilities, their finishers, their hit point ratios and even their crowd reaction alignment. You can also edit their Contendership Settings; this is simply another method to pushing your desired superstar up the ranks. You can also edit their Relationships, whether they have Allies, Rivals or whether they are a part of a team (the creation of a team can be done in many ways, this being just one).

You can also look at the superstars Statistics and see how they are faring with their career on your shows. The Statistics section will show things like how many times the particular superstar has won a specific championship, how long they have been active on your roster, how many Royal Rumble wins, appearances, opponents eliminated and time in the Royal Rumble they have managed to accumulate, how many Wrestlemania appearances, main event appearances, wins and win ratio they have managed to accumulate and how many Money In The Bank wins and ratio of wins after cashing in that they have managed to accumulate.

You can also edit their status in this section.

Edit Rosters: This section allows you to, as the name suggests, edit your roster. You can choose which wrestlers appear on your rosters by adding or removing wrestlers from the roster. You can also rename your brand and change your brand's logo and even choose to add or remove wrestlers from your current roster list.

Edit Teams: This section, again, as the name suggests, allows you to edit the teams on your roster. There should already be a few premade teams on your roster unless you have removed them all; you can also add more teams with the limit being seventy teams in total, more than enough to work with. The events of your shows may also lead to teams being created or disbanded as their allies and enemies list changes and the events of your show unfold, this can lead to some extremely strange random pairings. Upon editing or creating a new team you can name your team, choose the announcement name that best describes your team, edit the members of the team, the limit per team being five and you can even edit your teams entrance and tag team move set.

Edit Titles: This section, simply put; you can choose who is champion. Leaving a title Vacant will make the title defunct and therefore won't be used for your shows.

Story Options: These are simply the options for the WWE Universe mode, this section allows you to choose whether Automatic Rivalries stories, Team Breakups/Creations stories, Crowd Reaction Changing stories or Injury stories are on or off, this allows you to control what type of stories appear on your shows. Toggle the items on this screen On/Off to enable or disable stories occurring within the WWE Universe. You can set all stories to Off, or else toggle the individual story types to disable only stories leading to specific negative outcomes.

Reset WWE Universe: This is pretty self-explanatory; really, this option allows you to reset the WWE Universe mode back to its default settings; this means match progress, stable information, shows, rosters and superstars will be reset to their default settings. You may wish to edit some of the settings after resetting the WWE Universe mode to change them back to the desired settings. This option can help you start all over again without having to go through too much effort to do so.