In the WWE Universe mode you have complete control over the show, you can book matches, determine who is on which brand, you can create your own tag teams between existing stars, you can create feuds between your favourite and least favourite stars, you can control the world of the WWE within your fingertips.

Play Matches: A little less creative on the name this time around, first up is the Play Matches section. In this area this is where you can book your matches, put titles on the line and create your own storylines. The Play Matches section will come with a random, pre-existing card and it is up to you to change it how you wish. You can book any match with any superstars you have unlocked, including your own created wrestlers.

You can choose to Simulate the matches so the winners of the match are determined for you or you can Play the match in order to test your might against the other members of the roster and even edit the stipulations of the match booked with the ‘Match Rules' option and the Match Pace option in order to make the match ‘Normal', ‘Quick' or ‘Epic' which will determine how the match is laid out.

It is within the confines of this section that you can achieve the majority of the WWE Universe mode unlockables and trophies that need to be achieved.

Calendar: A little more creative on the name this time around. Clicking on Calendar will obviously open up the calendar for the WWE year, it will show which shows are booked and on what days and you can choose to customize the calendar in order to change the day or date of events. If you can't be bothered simulating through all of the booked shows or want to do a certain event straight away, simply click on the event you want to simulate to and allow for the calendar to be simulated all the way up to that certain point.

Rivalries: This section, as the name suggests, allows you to set up specific rivalries for your shows. You can choose to view the current rivalries which will take you to a list of rivalries on your current brands and will also allow you to delete and create rivalries. By selecting to create a rivalry you can choose the type (one on one or two on two) and the duration of the rivalry (short rivalry; four weeks, medium rivalry; eight weeks, or long rivalry; twelve weeks) and, naturally, you can choose who is involved in the rivalry.

You can also choose to play a current rivalry, this option will take you straight to the first Rivalry Match booked on your calendar, whether it is the top rivalry on a specific brand or not. On top of all of thise, you can also view the rivalries that happened in the past and who happened to win a specific rivalry, some interesting rivalries are randomly created. In this section you will find the news that comes as a result of the past week's shows, events such as a new champion being crowned can be found in the section. If you click on Latest News you can open up to a new section which provides you with even more news regarding what is going on with your brands and your shows.

In this section you can also view the current rankings in the WWE. By clicking on the current rankings you can view the current rankings for each championship currently in contention for each current brand and see how the superstars on your roster are faring against the other superstars of the roster. Each wrestler will be placed into title contention for the particular title they are most suited for on your roster and superstars can be added or removed depending on how well they perform on the shows throughout a weekly basis.

You can Edit the ranks how you wish so the wrestler you want on top is on top, however they still need to do well on a weekly basis to maintain the number one contenders position, otherwise you are going to have to Edit the ranks constantly to keep them at the top. This is a good way to make sure certain wrestlers win specific championships.

There is also a Stats section in the section which allows you to look at the statistics of your championships, like how many times the current champion has held the championship and how long they have held the championship for currently. Clicking into a specific championship belt will allow you to view the rankings of the championship belt and find out the amount of times a specific superstar has held the belt and how many weeks they have held the belt for.

You can also view the statistics of your shows currently active, you can view things like who were the past champions of your major, minor, tag and divas titles and you can also view historical statistics such as who has held the titles of your specific brand the most times and who has held the titles of your specific brand for the longest period of time.

You can also view things such as the number of opponents eliminated in a single Royal Rumble, the most time spent in a Royal Rumble, the most wins of a Royal Rumble, most opponents eliminated in total and number of appearances in a Royal Rumble. You can also view things such as the most wins at Wrestlemania, the most appearances at Wrestlemania and the most amount of main events at Wrestlemania, number of Money In The Bank wins and number of wins after cashing in the Money In The Bank. All of the default statistics generally reference actual, real-life statistics.

Customising Universe

Customising Universe