Superstar Templates

Image Wrestler Signature Move 1 Signature Move 2 Finisher 1 Finisher 2
Bam Bam Bigelow pro
Bam Bam Bigelow Bam Bamsault (Rolling moonsault) Military press slam Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am (Diving headbutt) -
Big Boss Man pro
Big Boss Man Water-wheel Slam (Double leg slam) Spinebuster Boss Man Slam (Spinning side slam) -
Billy Kidman pro
Billy Kidman Fireman's carry neckbreaker Inverted suplex Shooting star press BK Bomb (Sitout spinebuster)
Brian Kendrick pro
Brian Kendrick Dr. Smoothe's Secret Recipe (Corner backflip kick) Tornado DDT Sliced Bread #2 (Shiranui) Shooting star press
Dean Malenko pro
Dean Malenko Brainbuster Boston crab Texas Cloverleaf -
Doink The Clown pro
Doink the Clown Northern Lights suplex Swinging neckbreaker Whoopie Cushion (Top-rope seated senton) Stump Puller (Single leg inverted Boston crab)
Earthquake pro
Earthquake Big splash Bearhug Earthquake Splash (Running seated senton with "heavy jumping" theatrics) -
Finlay pro
Finlay Rolling Hills (Rolling fireman's carry slam) Running senton Celtic Cross (Running over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver) -
The Great Khali pro
The Great Khali Military press drop Short-arm clothesline Punjabi Plunge (Two-handed chokeslam) Brain chop
Irwin R Schyster pro
Irwin R. Schyster Double underhook suplex Rope aided abdominal stretch Stock Market Crash (Samoan drop) Penalty (STF)
Jamie Noble pro
Jamie Noble Swinging neckbreaker Single arm DDT Paydirt (Guillotine choke) Dragon sleeper to a facedown opponent
Joey Mercury pro
Joey Mercury Hangman's neckbreaker Neckbreaker Double underhook DDT Frankensteiner
Ken Shamrock pro
Ken Shamrock Fisherman suplex Double leg takedown Ankle lock Belly-to-belly suplex
King Kong Bundy pro
King Kong Bundy Elbow drop Sidewalk slam Avalanche Splash (Body avalanche) Big splash
Lex Luger pro
Lex Luger Military press slam Scoop powerslam Torture Rack (Backbreaker rack) Running forearm smash
Papa Shango pro
Papa Shango Tip Up Splash (Standing splash) Falling powerslam Voodoo Driver (Slingshot suplex) Overhead gutwrench dropped into an inverted shoulderbreaker
Perry Saturn pro
Perry Saturn Saturn Bomb (Sitout slam suplex) Saturnsault (Springboard moonsault) Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Gradunza (Swing cradle suplex) Rings of Saturn (Step-over head-hold armbar)
Raven pro
Raven Inverted suplex slam Discus clothesline Evenflow DDT (Flowing DDT) -
Rick Martel pro
Rick Martel Spinning spinebuster Gutwrench suplex Boston crab Slingshot splash
Rick Steiner pro
Rick Steiner Steiner-Line (Lariat) Double underhook powerbomb Steiner Driver (Death Valley driver) Diving bulldog
Rikishi pro
Rikishi Samoan Spike (High speed thumb thrust) Samoan drop Stinkface Banzai Drop (Corner slingshot seated senton)
Road Dog pro
Road Dogg Shake, Rattle and Roll (Three left-handed jabs, followed by a right-handed punch, with theatrics) Running knee drop, with theatrics Pumphandle drop -
Santino Marella pro
Santino Marella Santino Stunner (Split-legged stunner) Running headbutt drop, with theatrics Cobra Strike (Right-handed thrust to an opponent's throat, with theatrics) -
Scott Steiner pro
Scott Steiner Steiner-Line (Clothesline) Elbow drop, with theatrics Steiner Recliner (Standing camel clutch) Super Samoan drop
Tajiri pro
Tajiri Tarantula (Rope-hung Boston crab) Shining Wizard Buzzsaw Kick (High speed roundhouse kick to the head of a kneeling opponent) -
Tommy Dreamer Pro
Tommy Dreamer Inverted DDT Falling neckbreaker Dreamer Driver (Death Valley driver) DDT
Ultimo Dragon pro Último Dragón Atlantinda Backbreaker Drop (Spinning kneeling Argentine backbreaker drop) Dragon Combo (Quick combination of shoot kicks to the legs and chest, followed by a jumping sole butt kick) Asai DDT (Standing shiranui) Dragon Bomb (Running sitout powerbomb)
Umaga pro
Umaga Samoan Wrecking Ball (Running hip attack to an opponent seated in the corner) Superkick Samoan Spike (High-speed thumb thrust to the opponent's throat) Wild Samoan Splash (Diving splash)
Vader pro
Vader Vader Slam (Running powerslam) Vader Crash (Jumping splash) Vader Bomb (Corner slingshot splash) Vadersault (Moonsault)
Virgil pro
Virgil Diving clothesline Inverted atomic drop Million Dollar Dream (Cobra clutch) Russian legsweep