My WWE Roster

Edit Superstars

This section allows you to, as the name suggests, edit your roster. You can choose which wrestlers appear on your rosters by clicking on their name in order to view their Settings and their Relationships and by clicking on the brand logo underneath their name. Settings show off the wrestlers attributes, abilities, finishers, hit point ratio, crowd reaction and attires (if they have any alternative attires) and can be changed freely (apart from the attributes which you need to download the Accelerator pack through the WWE Shop in order to do).

Edit Teams

This section, again, as the name suggests, allows you to edit the teams on your roster. There should already be a few premade teams on your roster unless you have removed them all; you can also add more teams with the limit being seventy teams in total, more than enough to work with. The events of your shows from WWE Universe mode may also lead to teams being created or disbanded as their allies and enemies list changes and the events of your show unfold, this can lead to some extremely strange random pairings. Upon editing or creating a new team you can name your team, choose the announcement name that best describes your team, edit the members of the team, the limit per team being five and you can even edit your teams entrance and tag team move set.

Title Management

This section, simply put; you can choose who is champion. Leaving a title Vacant will make the title defunct and therefore won’t be used for your shows.


The Statistics sections allows you to view the statistics of your very own gameplay. In the very first section, Ranking Statistics 1, you can view which wrestlers you have played with the most and how many times you have played as that respective wrestler.

In Ranking Statistics 2 you can go a little more into detail with the type of matches you have played with a list of yur top ten most played matches being on display and how often you have played each match type listed. You can also view your Career Highlights which highlight such things like; win ratio for title matches, most opponents defeated in Slobber Knocker, number of wins with all parts at critical, number of ring collapse knockouts, number of finisher reversals and number of Royal Rumble wins.

Finally, you can view your win/loss record via the Match Records And Statistics section. How many times you have won, lost and drawn are disaplyed and the various methods in which you won or lost those matches with such as pinfall, submission, K.O., DQ, count out and other method (referring to matches with specific win conditions, such as climbing over the steel cage). To the right side you can also view how many times you have used a specific ability and you can also view how many times you have caused destruction with a table, a ladder and a chair.