Diva Templates

Image Wrestler Signature Move 1 Signature Move 2 Finisher 1 Finisher 2
Candice Michelle pro
Candice Michelle Candylicious (Hanging figure-four leglock) Spinning heel kick Candywrapper (Double chickenwing twisted into a jumping inverted double underhook facebuster) -
Dawn Marie pro
Dawn Marie Atomic drop Fujiwara armbar Sitout facebuster Corner slingshot splash
Eve pro
Eve Torres Standing moonsault, with theatrics Somersault senton Evesault (Moonsault) The Heart Breaker (Snap swinging neckbreaker)
Jillian pro
Jillian Hall Crash Test (Cartwheel splash) Fender Bender (Handstand leg drop) Sitout facebuster 450° splash
Kaitlyn pro
Kaitlyn Fireman's carry gutbuster Inverted DDT Spear -
Kelly Kelly pro
Kelly Kelly Kelly Killer (Handspring elbow smash, to a cornered opponent) Sitout facebuster K2 (Leg drop bulldog) Molly-Go-Round
Luna Vachon pro
Luna Vachon Sitout powerbomb Charging 180° spinning facebuster Luna Eclipse (Diving splash) Luna Bomb (Corner slingshot splash)
Mae Young pro
Mae Young Bronco buster Scoop slam Elbow drop -
Maryse pro
Maryse French Pain (Camel clutch) Forward Russian legsweep French Kiss (Snap DDT, with theatrics) French TKO (Reverse roundhouse kick, to the back of the opponent's head)
Melina pro
Melina Kyranium Buster (Flying neckbreaker) Extreme Makeover (Charging spinning facebuster) California Dream (Muta lock) Sunset Split (Inverted leg drop bulldog into a split-legged pin, preceded by a scream)
Mickie James pro
Mickie James Mick-a-rana (Rope-aided hurricanrana from out of the corner) Implant DDT Long Kiss Goodnight (Reverse roundhouse kick) Mickie-DT (Standing tornado DDT, with theatrics)
Sable pro
Sable Sablecanrana (Super frankensteiner) Repeated shoot kicks, to a bent over opponent Sable Bomb (Powerbomb) TKO - Total Knock Out
Stacy Keibler pro
Stacy Keibler Mounted punches Handspring back elbow Keibler Kick (Spinning heel kick) -
Torrie Wilson pro
Torrie Wilson Facial (Stinkface, with theatrics) Swinging neckbreaker Nose Job (Sitout facebuster) -
Wendi Richter pro
Wendi Richter Powerbomb Swinging arm wrench facebuster Sitout DDT -