WVBA Boxing Ring is a stage from the Punch-Out!! series. It is a normal boxing ring where Little Mac fights on. It appears as a playable, starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It is the smallest stage in the game.


Universe Punch-Out!!
Home Stage to Little Mac
Availability Starter
Size Small

WVBA Boxing Ring is the smallest stage in the game, as small as Smashville from Brawl. It is also very similar to Smashville in design. It has a very simplistic design and is a very neutral stage. It features a small, floating platform, surrounded by black, invisible people with spotlights and cameras flashing. In addition, the stage features rubber edges on its left and on the back. The platform is not as high as Smashville is, but a little lower.

Music Played

Bolded ones must be unlocked.

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