Sketch here again for another one-shot! This time it's an Alternate Universe RWBY one-shot based on some ideas I've had since ages ago, so....I hope you enjoy it!


An ancient cave filled with remnants of an old civilization, with the main highlight being a glowing mirror in the center. In said cave, a hole is tore open and a group of 4 girls walks in.

Yang: So this is the place, right?

Weiss: Yes it is, but be careful! You could've broken something there! Don't you know this place is 1000 years old!?

Yang: Okay, okay! We'll be careful, right Ruby? 

Ruby is nowhere around the group anymore

Yang: Um...Ruby?

Blake: She's right there.

Ruby is staring at the glowing mirror in the center, admiring its beauty.

Ruby: OoOoOoh! Nice mirror!

Yang: Wow....Why is it glowing?

Weiss: Who knows? But the best course of action should be to bring it to the authorities!

Blake: That does sound good.

Weiss: See? Now, we should leave this place before anything goes wrong--

Ruby starts moving her hand to the mirror and touches it with her index finger, making an electrical current flow through her body as her eyes start glowing white.


Yang: SIS!!

Weiss: Yang, wait!

Yang's eyes start glowing red as she dashes over to the mirror and punches it with her gloves, breaking it and releasing Ruby, who's knocked unconscious with her eyes still glowing white.

Weiss: Great! You've just destroyed what could've been an important ancient treasure!

Yang: Ancient treasure or not, mess with my sister and you're getting it!

Weiss: Well it was HER fault for not listening to me and touching the mirror!

Blake: Could you two just stop fighting for a second? We need to take Ruby to a hospital.

The group calms down and takes Ruby out of the cave and into a hospital, where she finally wakes up.

Yang: Sis!! Are you okay!?

Ruby: Yes I am...*sigh* I probably should've listened to Weiss for once, but I DID get something good out of the experience!

Yang, Weiss and Blake: What.

Ruby: Yup, seems crazy but I did find something amazing in the middle of all the pain! You guys won't believe this, but after I was knocked out by the mirror, I started seeing visions of what seemed like another universe! Settle down, because this is gonna be an amazing story!

A group of men dressed in black suits are being led by a man dressed in a white suit as they walk through the dark streets, scaring people off. They finally find a shop selling "Dust" called "From Dust Till' Dawn" and enter.

Roman: Well aren't we lucky! Don't you know how hard it is to find a Dust shop open THIS late?

Shopkeeper: P-Please! Just take the money and leave!

Roman: Oh don't worry, we're not here for the money! Come on boys, take the Dust!

The men in black jump over the counter and start taking the Dust in liquid form while Roman gets out a suitcase and takes all of the Dust in crystal form. Meanwhile, one of the men in black starts looking around the shop and finds a girl with a fine white dress reading a book while listening to music.

Roman's minion: Hey, you! Hands up!

The girl still ignores the man in black.

Roman's minions: Are you even listening to me!?!

The man knocks away the book and the girl looks at him with a confused face until the man asks her to take her headphones off via hand gestures.

Girl: What now?

Roman's minion: I said HANDS IN THE AIR!

Girl: Wait, are you...robbing ME?

Roman's minion: YES!

Girl: Well, that's just not right! How dare YOU mess with a girl like ME! Don't you know who I am!?

Roman's minion: ...Um...Are you...Weiss Schnee?

Weiss: YES I AM! You members of the White Fang are nothing more than scum in the face of Remnant!

Roman's minion: I don't need any of your whining! I said--

The man in black is abruptly interrupted when Weiss gets out her rapier and uses it to blast the man away through a window, blasting her as well due to the knockback and making her headphones fall off, revealing the song "Mirror, Mirror" right before Roman walks in and kicks it away.

Roman: Well, well...Look who's a little annoyance!

Roman and the men stand there staring at Weiss until Roman gets mad.

Roman: Why aren't you trying to stop her?

The men suddenly snap and run towards Weiss, who fends them all off using Dust blasts from her rapier, "Myrtenaster".

Weiss: That was nothing compared to--

Weiss stops when she notices Roman and the men running away.

Weiss: Hmph! Cowardly jerks!

The men start climbing a building and Weiss follows them by firing a gust of wind from the Myrtenaster to blast her up into the air.

Weiss: You're not getting away from me!

Roman: Well, then you'll just have to keep dealing with us! Come on boys!

The rest of Roman's minions start shivering.

Roman: Oh come on! You just have to hold her off a little longer and everything will be fine!

Roman's minions start approaching Weiss carefully.

Weiss: Hmph! If your minions couldn't take me out the first time why do you expect them to do it this time!

One of Roman's minions dashes at Weiss with a sword but Weiss parries the attack and uses a wind gust to throw him against another minion. When another minion approaches, Weiss simply uses a blast of fire to throw him off the building.

Weiss: And you're still just standing there doing nothing, just like a coward!

Weiss finishes off the last few minions by creating a sheet of ice and making them slip before finishing with a barrage of ice crystals. Weiss scoffs at the minions before being blasted away by a missile shot from Roman's "bazooka cane" and falling on her back.

Weiss: Urgh!

Roman: I do NOT like being called a coward, if it wasn't clear by now!

Roman aims his "bazooka cane" at Weiss once again but she makes a wall of ice to trap the missile. However, it still blows up, covering the area in smoke.

Weiss: Grrr...Where are you now!?!

Weiss starts hearing helicopter blades until the smoke clears, where she sees Roman on a Bullhead.

Weiss: Take this!

Weiss fires a gust of wind from the Myrtenaster to throw the Bullhead out of balance and fires a barrage of ice crystals which make dents on the Bullhead's armor.

Roman: Ack! Dammit...if she keeps firing attacks like that, this ship will fall! 

Roman runs to the pilot seat where she switches with a woman wearing a long red dress.

Weiss: And who are you!?

Woman: ...

The woman makes an enormous fireball and fires it at Weiss, who tries firing Dust blasts at it, which proves to be ineffective. After Weiss' attacks fail, she starts running away until tripping.

Weiss: Ngh!

Weiss closes her eyes and waits for the fireball to hit her only to be saved by a woman with glasses and blond hair who makes a magic barrier.

Weiss: Y-You're....Glynda Goodwitch from Beacon Academy?

Glynda: Yes I am, but that's not the point! We need to get out of here quick!

Weiss: And let those White Fang members run away with the Dust!?

Glynda: We have no other choice!

Glynda is interrupted when the woman fires another fireball, but Glynda simply reflects it and fires it back at the Bullhead, making it go away.

Glynda: Now follow me, we need to talk!

Glynda guides Weiss to the conference room in Beacon where she is greeted by a man with gray hair drinking from a coffee cup.

Weiss: Are you...Mr. Ozpin? The headmaster of Beacon Academy?

Ozpin: That would be me....Now Weiss, we need to have a little talk about what happened at From Dust Till' Dawn...

Weiss: Look, I just couldn't let those White Fang jerks get away with all of that dust! You know the Schnee Dust Company does way too much hard work and wastes way too much money in making that Dust, only for it to be stolen by--

Ozpin: Yes, yes I understand....But I wasn't here to ask you about that...I was here to ask you about this...

Ozpin shows Weiss a recording of her fighting against the White Fang members.

Ozpin: Where did you learn to fight like that?

Weiss: You know i'm from the Schnee family, right? The Schnee family line must be perfect at all cost!

Ozpin: And what you're saying is...

Weiss: ....That I was trained in the White Castle since I was 4 because my family wanted me to be a perfect hunter...

Ozpin: Okay....and where did you get that weapon of your's?

Weiss: The Myrtenaster was crafted by me using the finest of materials and technology, being able to harvest the power of Dust in its attacks or in the form of projectile blasts!

Ozpin: Well....Look, Weiss...I don't say this to many people, but after that display of fighting skills....How about I give you a full scholarship for Beacon Academy?

Weiss: Ha! You're late to the punch, Ozpin!

Ozpin: ....Oh?

Weiss: I already HAVE a scholarship for Beacon and will start tomorrow!

Ozpin: ....Oh....Well....Good luck.

The next day, Weiss rides on an Airship to Beacon along with a butler to carry her luggage.

Weiss: Well, this sure looks nice....But be careful, Mr. Banter, that luggage contains VERY expensive and important things!

Mr. Banter: Y-Yes, Ms. Weiss...

A news report appears in the form of a hologram and Weiss walks near it to hear what's being said, standing besides a girl dressed in black with a bowtie in her hair.

Newswoman: ...And we also have another report of a Faunus protest that has gone violent by the once-peaceful organization known as the "White Fang".

Weiss: *mutters* Of course. That White Fang group is simply terrible.

The woman dressed in black overhears Weiss and walks away right as the news hologram changes into a recorded video of Glynda talking about hunters and huntresses. After the airship lands, Weiss walks outside.

Weiss: Well....I guess this is the start of a new experience....Hello Beac--

Weiss is interrupted by a boy who dashes past her and starts vomiting on a trash can.

Weiss: ....Yeah, I'd better stay away from that guy....

Ruby: Amazing, I know!

The group stares at Ruby in confusion.

Yang: Well....That was certainly something....

Weiss: I think she needs to rest...

Ruby: Oh come on! You migh think i'm just crazy but I saw it happen in front of my very eyes! I felt it!

Yang: Nurse!

Ruby: Seriously Yang? Don't bring the nurse into this! I'm fine, I swear! I can leave right now!

Blake: Looks like she'll be missing the test at Beacon...

Ruby: ....Oooon second thought....I think I may need to rest for a day or two, hehehe...

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