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Vuudax in Quest

I am Vuudax, the Shadow Lord, but no time for introductions, for I am now going to engulf your world with the shadows that lurk around you weak mortals. Behold my Power! -Vuudax, right after being set free in Quest.

Vuudax, the Shadow Lord (known as just Vuudax) is a dark wizard and the main antagonist in the 2014 video game, Quest. In the game, he has the power to control shadows, including your own, and make them fight you. He can also use his dark magic to teleport and cast spells.


Not much is known about Vuudax. Dispite looking around 12 he is considerably older than that due to the legend that he was still lord of the shadows 1,000 years ago. He may have been human at one point in time, but for now, this is unknown.


Unlike many villans, his purpose for being evil isn't to control the universe, but to destroy it due to what the Forest Villagers did to him. He is evil to the core and very smart, as he thought out his plans very well. He also seems to be pretty self obbsessed, speaking highly of himself fairly often.

Physical Apperance

Vuudax looks around 12 years old, but dispite this, you can easily tell he isn't a normal 12 year old boy. He has pale white skin and gray hair that covers this left eye, leaving only his other one showing. He wears a grey robe with a cloak and boots. He has one red eye showing, and he has a purple tounge.



In Quest, Vuudax is the main antagonist, after being freed from the statue he was cursed into, he tried to engulf the world in shadows so he could destroy everything.

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