Vortex Gaming Industries
The logo of Vortex Gaming Industries
Type of Company Video game company
Founder(s) Metroidfan01 (tbc)
Founded at/in May 26th, 2011
Area(s) Served United States/Europe
Owner(s) Metroidfan01 (tbc)
Predecessor Spritez Inc.
Subsidiaries FGN, Team Paradox, Stalker Studios

Vortex Gaming Industries, Incorporated (also called Vortex, Vortex Gaming Industries, Vortex, Inc. or VGI) is the successor company to Spritez Inc.. It did not inherit any of the games of it's predecessor, mostly because of an executive decision by its founder and owner, Metroidfan01 (tbc). The company has tried on multiple occasions to launch its own consoles, but according to Metroidfan01 the company is abandoning the market in favor of 3rd-party support for other platforms.