Voodoo KoKo
Voodoo KoKo's
Secton's native servants
Full Name Voodoo KoKo's
Gender All Male
Species Mutated KoKo Birds
Location Spooky Swamp
Current Status Active
Class Enemy Minions
Secton's Minions
Main Weapon(s) Fish Skeletons
Ability/ies Stabbing
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Voodoo KoKo's are enemy minions who only appear in Skip and Sqak Returns!. They are muated koko birds who inhabit Spooky Swamp and worship Secton. They live very similiar like a native jungle tribe.


This may sound silly that Secton has an army of KoKo Birds, but they are as deadly and vicious as the evil Queen herself!
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