Volt Time is a largescale event taking place in the second half of 2014. It features on Volt and the Master 4D (also known as Project Super), along with the Pro Gamer. It kicked off with the release of the Master 4D Lite.



The event started with the release of the Master 4D Lite. A Volt-themed edition of the Master 4D Lite was announced and release. That edition was called VOLT+4D. VOLT+4D also came with a controller with Volt images and colors, another controller with images and colors, a copy of VOLT, and a downloadable coupon for 20% any later Volt games on the BPoL store.


Some spin-offs are rereleased:


VOLT and VOLT: Second Impact rereleased. Graphics improved, controls changed for new controller, holograms are used when VOLT takes controls of some important Grunts and at end of level for victory dance(?), muiltiplayer with BPoL added. New Grunts from Second Impact now in VOLT.


Volt Time: Volt 4D Special Pack! (120$)

  • Volt/Second Impact/Trinity remakes
  • 15$ Volt Coupon
  • Volt-Enhanced Controller
  • Volt Figurine
  • Guide to Chargio Book
  • Art Book

Volt Time: Volt Pro Gamer! (80$)

  • Volt Rush Pro/Volt Pro/Volt Fusion/Volt vs. D-Zolt rereleases
  • 5$ Volt Controller
  • Volt Figurine
  • Guide to Chargio Book
  • Art Book

Volt Time: Holiday Joy! (90$)

  • Volt/Second Impact/Trinity/Volt Rush remakes
  • 10$ Volt Coupon
  • Volt-Enhanced Controller
  • Holiday Grunt Figurine
  • Volt Holiday Group Art Poster

Volt-Enhanced Controller

This controller is based off the M-Controller.

  • Instead of A/B/C/X/Y/Z, buttons are icons. YZ removed.
    • A is jump. (Volt flying in air)
    • B is attack. (Omnious grunt punching)
    • C is control. (Volt entering enemy)
    • X is second ability. (Knight Grunt blocking)
  • R2 and L2 removed.
  • Select button moved near main buttons.

Art Book

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