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Volt is a default playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal, being one of the main characters and acting as a major player in the Story Mode. He was announced as part of the starting 6.


Standard Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Disembodied Punch

Volt throws one of his hands forward, acting as a projectile. It's weak but fast, and can hit the opponent anywhere. Charge it for more power.

Zap Slam

Volt throws his weight to the side. It's slow, but if it lands, the move will both zap the enemy and launch them skyward. Time it correctly for a great kill move.

Electro Clap

Volt claps upward quickly, creating a small spark in the air that will zap anyone near it. It doesn't do that much damage, but can be charged which can make it a great kill move.

Storm Waves

Volt punches the ground, causing two waves of electricity to go out across the ground. The move itself is slow and weak, but the shockwaves are incredibly useful and can be used to lock the opponent in a combo.

Special Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Electric Blast

Volt shoots an electric sphere forward. It's slow, but when it touches the opponent, they'll be zapped and launched. Great for stunned opponents.

Sword Spin

Volt spins his sword in a spinning motion. It's fast and powerful, but is done in multiple parts, meaning that blocking will stop it in it's tracks.

Sparkling Soar

Volt blasts into the air. It takes a while to charge up, but gets great air and will greatly damage and launch anyone it touches.

'Downward 'Slash

Volt pulls out his sword and slams it into the ground. It takes a while to charge, but does a lot of damage and keeps the opponent immobilized for a few seconds.

Lethal Attacks

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


Volt electrifies the entire stage to zap anyone on the ground repeatedly and leave them open for attack. It has no effect on opponents in the air, though.

Second Impact

Volt grabs the nearby opponent and traps them in an electric barrier and slashes them 20 times before launching them in the air. It's incredibly powerful, but relies on getting up-close.


Volt creates three gigantic spheres of electricity that fly across the screen rapidly to do massive damage to everyone on screen and zap them.



Volt is a fast character with a lot of raw power. On the downside, Volt is incredibly light and has to rely on distance if he wants to win.


  • Volt crashes into the ground, rubs his head, and gets up.
  • Volt shoots up a giant electric sphere into the air.
  • Volt comes out of a giant electric sphere and closes it, smiling.


  • Zap Touch: Volt touches the opponent to electrocute them.


  • Volt smiles and lays back, looking skyward.
  • Volt juggles some artifacts.
  • Volt cleans his sword.


  • Volt falls down, sparks flying from him.
  • Volt juggles some artifacts, but drops them and breaks them.
  • Volt angrily blasts into the air off the screen.


  • Volt motions for the opponent to come toward him.
  • Volt spins around, creating an electric tornado.
  • Volt pulls out a random artifact before putting it away.


  • Classic Volt
  • Logi Volt
  • Sentelenium Volt
  • Unten Scarf
  • Seed Volt



"An experiment to create life from electricity by A22 Enterprises, Project VOLT escaped from his confines and went rogue to avoid being caught. Now a scavenger in Noah who collects magical artifacts, Volt is a laid-back and street smart guy who isn't naive and doesn't trust people often. Here, he's a light and fast brawler who uses electric attacks."

Unten Scarf

"An alternate of an alternate Volt. Double alternates at work here! He has a cool striped scarf that belongs to this one hero he knows. This version of Volt is an electrical powered hero all the same, but he's also an alien from the species known as Sparklings. He's a bit more naive than the Lethalverse Volt and has a thing for four eyed evil women. Don't tell anyone, though."

Seed Volt

"This version of Volt isn't the one you know. He's going through a bit of a crisis due to him killing Stratos as a child, but is launched back into action to save his friend Hailey from a brand new villain. In addition, this Volt has cute little peg legs. Don't worry, this alternate costume plays all the same, legs or not. "


"Volt's Level 3 Lethal Attack. He uses his electrokinesis to create three gigantic spheres of electricity that take up a large portion of the stage. He then manipulates them to fly around rapidly, shocking opponents and doing heavy damage quickly before launching them off the stage. This is a hard one to escape."

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