Volra (Pokémon)
Full Name Volra ( Pokemon )
Current Age Any
Date of Birth Any
Gender Either
Location Kita Town
9009 Entertainment
Ability/ies Fire & Ground abilities mainly. Some Grass moves eventually.
Vulnerable To Water & Ground
First Appearance Pokemon Palm & Alloy versions
Latest Appearance Unknown
Volra  is a fire & ground type Pokemon. It is one of the starters of the Volusia region. It may make some appearences in the VizzShield series. It evolves at level 18 to Flamraand than at level 30 to

Volcanara. He appears as a spin-off chartacter with Vizro , He has a calmn personality in the games and is a very famous character.


It has a very similar appearence to Numel but with some Camerupt features. It has two hot openings, one on the head and one on the back. When mad, they spill lava at temperatures of 160 Fahrenheit! It has rocky hooves and red fur. They are mostly short-tempered and stubborn. But they get along with the owners and other trainers more than other pokemon. It has a rivalry with Xool.


In summer, it is announced that the 3DS is getting a Pokemon Game in Nintendo e'shop only, Pokemon Palm & Alloy versions, It has Volra as a starter aswell as Vizro and Waffin. Only one version can be downloaded, the only way to get both is by 2 3DS's and downloading both. It shall make a debut in June 10.

He may make a cameo in Kirby : The Amazed Adventure , with the other starters.

He will make an appearence in Fantendo Riders: Boost , This will mark his first appearence in the series , He will be unlocked by completing Hero Cup.


  • 9009 Entertainment announced that they based the characters of 3 things. The imagination (Vizro), combination (Volra) and added features (Waffin). It may conclude that they mixed Numel and Camerupt for Volra's design.

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