Volix is a secondary character of Dream Kingdom
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Volix is a No-Face where he has gray skin like all of the other No-Faces, he has a dark gray face, with one black eye and one yellow eye, he has gray hair that reaches his shoulders, he wears a red cape with a golden pendant in the middle with a lighter colored collar, with dark blue sleeves and a maroon red back of it. His legs are shown as a puddle like form after he became a member of the Elementals, it is unknown why his feet are gone but of it he can still at least move around as freely as he did when he had legs.


Volix exhibits a very stern personality, which comes from the truth of his background, which he doesn't want to think of it but he has those bad memories stuck in his mind, he is shown very serious in his works, but otherwise is shown he is very kind with people he finds of friends and those who care about him, which you see mostly with him and Maxien, and he is shown that he hates seeing people always putting themselves in self threatening situations, as he tries to express that he has gone through probably the worst among everyone else, he always was very sad in his background as you will read ahead but he though kinda takes a character of "here and there" character meaning he tends to be different depending on the situation.


Volix was born in August of 948 A.D, where he was the son of Midaus and Tivania Sardin.

But in September of the same year the No-Face kingdom was destroyed by the Shadows when they raided and set the kingdom to wreck, an hour later a strange woman named Maxien who was a Shadow Siren arrived to the wreckage of the Kingdom where she came across Midaus himself, beaten and bloodily bruised, all the skin around his right eye was gone, his lips were torn, he was missing an arm, and his legs were dislocated where he begged for Maxien to just find his son, Maxien explored the castle and found Tivania eviscerated by the Shadows showing the true extent of they're sadist character, however Maxien found a basket that was rustling, under the sheet was Volix not even a month old yet.

Maxien soon heard the Shadows arrived to the Kingdom and to scout for survivors or trespassers as were told to ruthlessly kill, Maxien witnessed Midaus's last minute before the Shadow Kingdom's imperial guard put him to death.

Maxien escaped from the kingdom and watching as the kingdom just laid to a still wreckage almost by the damage done from the Shadows, resembled a scene from a hurricane, baby Volix was awoken from Maxien's running to escape which after Maxien lulled baby Volix to sleep and she went off to care for Volix by herself, she left the evil of the Shadows to care for Volix and his future, she fed, nurtured, and taught Volix growing up.

Volix grew happy seeing Maxien as a mother, though it all went down when Maxien finally explained it all when Volix grew to teenager years, after three years of Volix going through emotional pain after the truth was finally explained, he finally gone through the pain and he then decided to learn magic, where he learned of the Elementals, where the Elementals are legion of immortal magicians that used Earth's resources to defend themselves, Volix learned to grow to Fire Magic soon he even lost his legs, he just had a strange puddle like form underneath that replaced his legs, but after he mastered his powers he was even given immortality.

Soon Maxien even asked what Volix had planned after he now is one with the immortals, Volix explains he wanted to use his powers to do an unthinkable task... to rebuild the kingdom with just his bare hands, he tried and tried to work of it to rebuild the Kingdom going through more emotional pain thinking back while he was working to rebuild the kingdom, and eventually Maxien seemed to have disappeared in the midst of it, Volix finally felt Maxien must have either passed away which he thought was odd as Shadows are immortal, or Maxien just felt she wasn't an importance as he didn't even want her to help him, soon he was about to give up but he grew to when he visited a church, a really good church one that goes really deep in the story and truth of God and the Lord's help, soon while Volix visiting the church he soon visiting and visiting, he then even soon fell to his knees and said he finally felt God's prescense and help, this gave him strength to continue and rebuild the kingdom to what he had planned.

Through blood, sweat, and tears, and asking for the Lord's help... 9 centuries later, Volix finally rebuilt the whole Kingdom, he even gathered homeless No-Faces and families to be the new villagers. Volix felt happy in himself but he still had a deep pain in his heart that he never knew what is causing it and why it is.

However throughout in the 21st century in 2014 soon, he was told someone was coming that said they wanted to meet him for something very important, and when Volix saw this "Someone," his heart felt to the floor when he found it was Maxien, she came to tell she was proud to see what Volix has done for himself, and Maxien literally didn't look a day older than what she did back during the day she discovered Volix, they chatted happily after being reunited after what is pretty obvious how long, then Maxien asked Volix a question which was, taking her hat off asking, If she could do whatever to do to serve him in the best possible way since she didn't want to serve the Shadow kingdom anymore as she couldn't take being surrounded by such insolence and sadism, Volix said he didn't felt she needed to do of anything, but Maxien pleaded she wanted to at least be serving him in a way that would please him, after thinking for awhile Volix finally told her that all she can do is just if she wants, to stay and be the one to be helping him when he needs it most.

Nowadays Volix just does duties of making sure nothing goes wrong in the kingdom, and he also writes novels and books of mythology and other subjects, some of his books include, "Gods and Monsters," and "The power of the Elementals"

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