Full Name Volere
Current Age 1629
Date of Birth 1019BFC
Gender Male
Species Elf
Location Aelai
First Appearance Foregone
Latest Appearance Foregone

Volere is the last Elf surviving from the time they ruled over Aereus, because of a misinterpreted wish granted to him by a powerful Genie causing him to become immortal and to hear every wish that is ever made.

History Edit

Volere, at the age of 21, was involved in the creation of the Winged Nexus as the assistant to one of the magicians involved.

To test the wish-granting abilities of the Genies, who were working with the Elves in the creation of the Winged Nexus, Volere's master asked him to make a wish of a genie for infinite wishes, to get past the "three wishes" restriction. Rather than being granted the ability to make infinite wishes, however, Volere began to hear infinite wishes inside his mind; every wish made by any individual throughout the universe was played in his mind. Volere also became immortal, as the wishes would not be truly infinite if he ever stopped hearing them.

Volere slipped into insanity almost immediately, and was locked away by the other Elves; occasionally, he was experimented on, particularly in regards to duplicating his immortality (which involved attempting to kill him in various different ways repeatedly).

Over the years, Volere began to learn to sort the wishes he heard from each other, gradually regaining sanity and becoming able to use his ability to identify the wishes of any particular person. He was one of the first to realize the humans, who the Elves kept as slaves, were rebelling, but still harboured a grudge for his years as an experiment and organized his own escape to Aelai in advance instead of warning the Elves.

Foregone Edit

Volere remains the last Elf with any knowledge of their previous society, and as such is revered by the Elves of Aelai. He lives deep within the Aerwoods, and is the closest to a "leader" the nomadic Elves possess.

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