Volcrotter Lavalocks
20160118 151646
Full Name Volcrotter Lavalocks
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Volcanic Fire Otter
Location Mt. Vulcanron
Align Good
Main Weapon(s) Firecracka Magma

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Volcrotter Lavalocks or simply known as, Volcrotter is a Volcanic Fire Otter who realms in Mt. Vulcanron located in the Nightmare Dimension. He is planned to be one of the various heroes that will make an appearence in Enigmatik Games's upcoming title, Nightmare Land.




Before his rights were acquired, Volcrotter was a mere recolor of the Pokémon, Dewott sporting orange magma spots all around him.

After acquirement by Enigmatik Games, he recieved a full redesign. Volcrotter is now composed of fire, magma, and lava rocks entirely. His jagged tail resembles that of a lion accompanied with a flame on it's end. His head has a tuft of fire composed hair as well as his upper body and feet with 4 toes on each foot. His legs are composed of thin lava rock with bigger rocks placed on his kneecaps. He also sports a headband in similar style of what Ryu from the Street Fighter series sports.






  • Volcrotter's original creator EpicLlamaSwag42, has abandoned this character. However, he may be getting a spiritual successor named Heatwave according to him.
  • Before being acquired by Enigmatik, Volcrotter was known as Blaze the Dewott.
  • He was also recolor of the Pokémon, Dewott before Enigmatik Games acquired his rights.
  • Prior to his abandonment, Volcrotter was described as a fan of Mario, Megaman, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda etc.
  • Suprisingly, this character didn't have an established game or series let alone appeared in any other games before Enigmatik acquired his rights.
  • His full redesign was unveiled to the public on Tuesday, January 19th.
  • When Volcrotter's redesign was in the works, Enigmatik  used a picture of a real-life otter as reference to recreate him. Some characters from the Yo-Kai Watch series were also used as influence for his redesign as well.