Volatown is a game by Bomb Productions Games, so please do not edit except to repair spelling errors. Volatown is a life simulation game in a top-down perspective for the PC and Nintendo 3DS, akin to games such as the Animal Crossing series, although including features uncommon of the genre such as ongoing plots and sub-plots, combat and various RPG elements, a complex and generally damaged cast of characters, and an expansive world to live in and explore.


The player controls a human whose physical features are completely customizable from the beginning of the game. The only bit of backstory the human character has prior to the events of the game is that they have recently finished schooling and are on their way to live in "the big city" and "make a name for themself". The player begins the game in a large bus on its way to the city, the only other passenger being a horse named Twinkle, a rather spacey and vaguely creepy character who wears a dress and who will emphasize the fact that she is a princess and "perfect in every single way". As in the Animal Crossing games, Twinkle will initiate a conversation with the player, and from there the layout and name of the city will be determined. In addition, the player character's gender and physical appearance will be determined when Twinkle asks if she can draw the player. The finished product of Twinkle's drawing will be monstrous and abominable no matter how the player describes themself (but the player character will look as the player described it), and Twinkle tell the player she is really a man immediately after, at which point the bus will reach its destination and Twinkle will bid farewell.

The player can buy clothing, including shirts, pants, jackets and sweaters, and shoes, plus a vast multitude of accessories such as glasses, scarves, and many other articles from various department stores, of which there are three: Stuff Mart, Something for Most People, and P&U. The player can customize every item he or she gets. Larger items that are big enough to contain patterns will be able to be customized with specific designs, which the player can create right from the game or they can import designs from their computer. Smaller items such as glasses and hairpins can be customized only by changing their color.

The player can also customize their house and the contents of it. The player starts out renting an apartment, but they can upgrade their living conditions to a house, and then a mansion.

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The city within Volatown in which the player lives contains many other citizens who can either help or hinder the player's progress. Interacting with them is a key point in the game and the progression of many sub-plots and "quests" that are centered around the citizens and their lives. Interacting with them is often difficult, as many citizens are uncomfortable and/or dangerous. It depends on the citizen's assigned "nature", however, how they will react with the player character and with other citizens. If the player lets things get out of hand with the citizens (and this is even sometimes out of the player's control), certain events could happen that would affect other citizens, the player, and/or perhaps the entire city. These citizens include...

Image Name Biography House Description Nature
Daniel duck Daniel Duck Daniel is a duck who is the number two most frequently observed specimen of a group of extraterrestrials whose ship lands on top of Daniel's apartment complex and invades his house every night, hence the "02" they have branded him with. Although its blatantly obvious that Daniel is being abducted and experimented on, Daniel hasn't the courage to tell anyone, and no one has decided to help him because they all think he's a pansy-ass. Which is somewhat true, unfortunately; Daniel lives his life in fear. Daniel's house is rather bland, having plain tan-colored wallpaper and only a few paintings and pictures of family strewn haphazardly around his walls. He lives on the top floor of Apartment Complex One and has to constantly make repairs to the ceiling, as the aliens break through it each time they invade. He has a small bed in the corner of his room, and all of his windows are boarded up. Paranoid
YERyanYE Ryan Ryan is a bear with post-traumatic stress disorder, constantly plagued by memories of the bloody war of Bear Vietnam, in which he was a soldier in the top of his class. Now a middle-aged bear, he still can't let the past go, which has caused him to turn incredibly bitter and ravenous. Good guy to have at parties. He keeps his apartment protected like a militaristic stronghold and is known to shoot trespassers on sight. His walls are lined with guns and ammunition and appear to be enforced with steel. He keeps everything completely organized and his bed is simply a prison mattress. Volatile
YEwumpanoYE Wumpano Once a tribal chieftain, Wumpano's faraway village in the small island country of... well, no one knows, was taken over by ruthless drugrunners. Alone, Wumpano fled to your city to make a brand new start. It would be easier for him to do that, though, if anyone could understand a word he said. And if he didn't live on the streets, travelling in makeshift huts and eating roadkill and bugs. But y'know, to each his own. Wumpano is homeless, but he will often be seen gathering lumber from trees and any other supplies he can get his hands on so he can set up a hut somewhere. The location of his hut will change every day, but if the player finds him, they can buy any number of peculiar items from him for a small price. Capricious
YETwinkleYE Twinkle Twinkle is a horse (although she prefers "pony", as its more elegant), the self-proclaimed princess of the player's town, and the first character the player meets. She seems shy and meek due to her spacey nature and wistful voice, and she is, largely, but she is also highly egotistical and considers herself perfect, justifying her every action with said delusion. Twinkle is also an artist, although all of her drawings turn out to be of horrifying eldritch abominations, even if she doesn't mean to draw them like that. During the intro, she reveals herself to actually be a man to the player character. Twinkle's apartment is decorated like a castle, and everything is overly elegant and decadent. She purposefully buys the most expensive products at the department stores simply to show off her "status". Her bed is enormous and castle-shaped, as is most of her furniture, and everything in her home is coated in glitter. Psychotic

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