Am I really a gorilla, John?
Vokkskar, in Unten's dream as seen in Tragedy (2015)


Vokkskar is a anti-matter being that is celebrated as a religous figure in the That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember reboot by a few of the people in Underground (2014). He, along with Spira, The Fan, The Enemy, White Goddess, Black God are the many religious figures mentioned in the game.


Vokkskar is a antimatter being, with his body having sort of an inverted look to it. He has four dot eyes and a mouth that consists of diamonds that spread across his face when he talks or expresses emotions. His head is above his body, and on top of his head is a floating cube that has a cubical hole in each of the sides.

His torso is geometrical, and he has two wings protruding from the back. He has two arms that are connected to spheres attached to his torso. On each hand is three fingers. The bottom of his torso releases a smoke ring and a strange circle-like object with a circle in the center floats below him.


Underground (2014)

Vokkskar is mentioned by some of the NPCs in the game, and can be found on various paintings and murals in the game. He is never directly seen.

Tragedy (2015)

When Unten has his dream in the beginning of the game, he meets Vokkskar while floating through space. The two do not interact directly, although Unten looks at Vokkskar and Vokkskar appears to say something but he is mute.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered