It Can Go All Wrong

Origins: Chapter 9 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key City

July 12, 1980

Cylath and Uri discussed the plans for the second world and the end of Leading Laboratories inside of a limousine cruising through the streets of Peace Key City. Cylath had used Clemethai to teleport there earlier in order to meet with Uri.

"Cylath, you gave Roy the proper funding and resources for the 'second world' project's final phase?"

"Indeed, Uri. Soon we will have our world to call our own. Your son will succeed. I'll make sure of that."

"And what of the laboratory children?"

"They're progressing marvelously. I've actually had my eye on a particular group of them...these three have formed such a special friendship. I think they're plotting to run away from the facility."

"They trust in each other that much to risk their lives like that?"

"It appears so. Vincent, Gerald, Adam, they've got quite a thing going."

"What are you going to do?"

"Split their little triad up, of course. I'm planning to send Vincent to school next month. I had my good friend Kaito hack him in as the seventy-fourth kid ever in their system."

"What? Why not just enroll him normally through one of our setup families?"

"The name catches on. Seventy Four, yeah, I've seen it all in the future. Because he's the seventy-fourth kid, somehow that becomes his nickname. When events including him awakening the Light God occur, said god merges himself with Vincent and sends him into the future, where his nickname becomes Sixty Four for a completely different reason. Ever since then, the 'Four' name becomes synonymous with the chief Light Persona. In order for the future to be correct, this has to happen."

"But, does this future bring about success for us and the second world? If not, why go through the trouble of making sure that's the future that occurs?"

"You're just going to have to trust me. I believe success comes from this future."

"What about the other kids?"

"Adam will be entered into school as well. Gerald will be put into our wealthiest setup family and sent to a private school."

"What about 'Seventy'? Does he get a family?"

"Not quite...I have something more elaborate in mind for him..."

The car kept on driving. Uri placed his right hand on his door and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the car appeared to be going at light speed. Uri's power dealt in super-speed, or rather the traveling by light. Within seconds they were a block away from Leading Laboratories.

Entrance Hall

Leading Laboratories

"What are you kids doing h-AGH!" A security guard tried stopping Vincent, Adam, and Gerald as they neared the doors to the outside world, but was quickly silenced by a light blast from Vincent, who was leading the escape.

The three busted through the locked doors with the combination of their own charge and Vincent's power. They were surprised to see that Cylath and Uri were heading to go in as they were heading to go out.

"Wha...HEY!" Cylath yelled at the three, but they didn't care at this point. They were done listening to Leading Laboratories' word.

Cylath and Uri joined the rush of security guards and chased after the three teens, but they were much too fast, and scaled the border fences of the Arizona town before anyone could lay a hand on them.

"It's no use! Back inside!" Cylath ordered.

"Cylath...our plans..." Uri began.

"I know!! Cylath stomped the ground, not realizing that Clemethai had merged with him seconds before. The shockwave rattled the caves near the Arizona town, opening a way inside.


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