When it is All Right

Origins: Chapter 8 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


Dorm Room 11

July 11, 1980

"We have to leave." Vincent sadly told Adam and Gerald. Hayley was off in training, while the three boys skipped so they could meet like this.

"Leave?! Why the hell would we do that?" Adam didn't understand. Leading Laboratories had given him and the others everything they could've ever wanted, and more.

Vincent slowly handed Adam and Gerald the manila folder he store from Cylath's office earlier in the week. Adam and Gerald opened it, to find documents and photos of the Atlar Hall Cleanup Project. Each deceased parent was accounted for.

Adam and Gerald were pale and speechless. They never expected the Labs to be behind anything like this.

"They...killed our parents?" Gerald couldn't believe it.

"That was why we were lead away the day we fake Peter, right? He turned into that creepy guy who said that we would thank him one day..." Adam remembered.

Vincent was silent. And now they all understood.

"We have to leave. And no one else will ever know about this."

Cylath's Office

"This is the story you want for The Void, master?" Cylath asked the spirit of Clemethai. Over time, he began to accept its presence. With more time, he began to follow it at all times. A slave to Clemethai's wishes.

"Yes..." Clemethai started. "Gods come from another world...enter Earth and create powers of light, shadow, and fire...I, a mere son of a wealthy family, make a shrine in honor of the light god, of which only I can notice...but, when you actually make the shrine, it will be my spirit that inhabits it. And I will wait for Vincent to show up, of course he remembers nothing of Leading Laboratories, and has a new fake family, the 'new' Altmantis...and I will 'give' him his powers, to go up against Roy Halete, the evil behind the premature Void. Once he defeats him, it will become my world, and Vincent will become my vessel, to do whatever I want."

"Clemethai..." Cylath began. "If I am to assume you will take the role of an unseen god of fire, who will be your opposite force...the one guiding Roy to his death?"

"Ah, that will be the God of Darkness, you remember when I said that you had to die...?"

"Yes, master. I remember that."

" will be Zero. When the time is right, you will die and become that force of darkness that the 'hero' will rid the Void of...but, of course, I will not rule benevolently afterwards. We are both evils, you are just the expendable one."


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