Atlar Hall

Origins: Chapter 7 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Dorm Room 11

1:30 P.M.

"Okay, so here's what I was thinking, guys," Hayley started, sitting with Vincent, Adam, and Gerald. "The best way to get into Atlar Hall would be to walk right in."

The boys simply laughed at Hayley's ridiculous proposition. Gerald was the one to ask the obvious, "And how exactly do we pull that off?"

"Easy." Hayley responded confidently. The boys were beginning to realize that she was extremely serious about her plan.

"Vincent, you'll be the power, what with your...power," Hayley explained. "You're going to blast the doors to Atlar Hall clean off their hinges, and the second that you do, I'll stop time and pull you three in. Obviously, we'll only have a short amount of time to see what's behind those doors, but I'd expect that'd be fine."

"How are we even going to get to the doors? You do realize we're on constant watch once we leave our dorms." Adam asked.

"Ah, but not constant human watch, Adam. I've already come to terms with the fact that this will land us in huge trouble, so the cameras are the least of our issues, really." Hayley smiled. Adam still looked worried, but seceded from pressing on about things that Hayley already put past herself.

"Are you guys ready?" Hayley asked. The boys nodded and stood.

"Atlar Hall, your secrets are no more." Vincent said.

Atlar Hall

1:35 P.M.

"Look at this place. Why did we even leave it like this..." Cylath stood on the stage of Atlar Hall with Uri Halete, looking out towards the old seats dotted with skeletons.

"...Skeletons in the closet, wouldn't you say?" Uri Halete tried to lighten the situation, but Cylath wanted none of it.

"Just...just get this taken care of." Cylath ordered.

"As you wish. You heard him, men!" Uri shouted. Hired workers began to file in to start the cleaning process.


The side doors of Atlar Hall blasted forward, shocking the workers but most of all, Cylath and Uri. However, they had a mere second to be surprised, before time came to a screeching halt.

Hayley slowly stepped around the corner, dragging Adam and Gerald with her. In frozen time, things became significantly lighter for Hayley, explaining her ability to pull the boys into Atlar Hall.

With her back turned to the grand room, and the three boys facing forward, Hayley awakened them in the halted time, another feature of her power.


From Hayley's viewpoint, the boys looked horrified. Reluctantly, she turned to face Atlar Hall as well.



"...What happened here..." Vincent was the first to speak at the sight of several long-dead people, fallen from their seats. He walked closer to one, and noticed its choice of clothing.

"My mom...she was wearing this on the day we first" Vincent thought back to that first day, when "not-Peter" led them away from...Atlar Hall.

The ghost of Clemethai, unseen by the kids, appeared behind Cylath and awakened him in the frozen time.

"I told you to keep an eye on them." He whispered to Cylath, before merging with him. Cylath could feel all the possible light powers begin to activate within him.

Hayley shrieked and jumped back when she saw Cylath begin to move.

"You should have stayed away." Cylath spoke in a dark tone, and raised his hand, using the power of telekinesis to throw Vincent away from his dead mother.

"Now you know the secret of Atlar Hall." Cylath threw Adam to where Vincent landed. "Now you know why we kept it a secret!" Gerald, too, was thrown to the same spot.

Cylath stepped up to Hayley, who started shaking.

"You weren't ready. I won't let you carry these events in your memories." Cylath's eyes glowed white, and then suddenly, the four teens were gone, the doors were back in place, Cylath was back by Uri, and time began to flow again.

"Crisis averted." Clemethai said simply as he left Cylath and drifted off.

Dorm Room 11

"What were we talking about?" Hayley asked the boys as they all sat together. She had suddenly forgotten what she brought them all in for.

"Funny...I don't know either." Vincent responded. By the looks of the others, they didn't remember either.

"Oh well." Hayley made a cute giggle. "Wanna talk about something else?"


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