Newfound Goals

Origins: Chapter 6 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Congregation Room

12:00 P.M.

Vincent carried his lunch tray over to the same spot that he had lunch every day. His friends, Adam and Gerald, waited for him there.

"So, what did you guys have to do today?" Adam asked, a typical conversation starter.

"Well, as you already know," Gerald was the first to start. "They think my power is a malfunction of the part of me that controls what power I get or whatever, so they ran more tests on me again. God, I can't wait until I'm back out in the field with you guys."

"They like to tell me that my power is rare. I don't see what's so rare about it. In fact, compared to everyone else, being able to use light offensively is kinda boring." Vincent said.

"Boring? Are you kidding?" Adam replied. "I can't even use my power anywhere but in training, lest I take away everyone else's! At least you two have real, practical things you could do. I'm at best as support."

"You keep telling yourself that." Gerald said to Adam. "If we ever face someone with abilities that's stronger than us, what would be more practical than you?"

"Guess your right..." Adam was still not convinced.

Hayley bounced over to the three boys. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Someone's a little late for lunch today." Vincent said with a laugh. "We're talking about our abilities again."

"You guys can't seem to move past that, can you?" Hayley asked. "Always talkin' about what you can do. Why don't you try bonding in normal people ways?" Hayley pointed to the African American kid on the other side of the room. "See him? Name's Samuel. I don't know a thing about him except that he's a big psychology guy."

She moved her arm and pointed to Wellam, sitting next to Samuel. "We all know his power," she began, "But did you know he's a huge chess player? He enjoys a power that you don't need light for; he's just great at predicting his opponent's moves."

Hayley turned back to Vincent, Adam, and Gerald. "See? And what do you guys know about each other besides your powers?" "We like to think that it's cool that we've managed to bond completely due to our abilities." Gerald answered.

"You want to know what's cool?" Hayley changed the subject, taking out a folded paper from her pocket. "Check out what I overheard Mr. Cylath talking about to Mr. Uri over the phone."

The boys looked at the paper.

It's time to clean up Atlar Hall. I want to use it for the Christmas celebration, that's why. No, that's not cruel, the kids never knew what happened, and will never. Thank you."

"Atlar Hall? Is that the old room we can't go in?" Vincent asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Hayley started. "Now, why would they need to 'clean up' the room and why would it be cruel to use it?"

" nothing." Adam answered.

"Exactly. They don't want us to know. I say, we sneak in before they clean it. See what's behind the sealed doors. It'll be a fun experience that may draw you three closer in more normal ways."

"Why do you want us to grow closer all of a sudden?" Gerald asked.

"...Okay, I just want to see Atlar Hall." Hayley admitted. But come on! Don't you?"

Roof of Leading Laboratories

12:15 P.M.

Cylath stood silently, looking out towards the developing Arizona city. He would oftentimes come up to the roof to clear his head.

"Quite a view, wouldn't you say, Mr. Mikul?"

Cylath whipped around, but there was no one there.

"Great, I'm hearing things." He muttered to himself.

However, when he turned around, he was staring into the face of a golden spectral figure.

"!" Cylath backed away. "That's impossible! " "Believe it, Cylath. You can't get rid of me." Clemethai remarked.

"What do you want from me? You want to haunt me? Kill me?"

"I am just an illusion of your imagination...I am no ghost or spirit. But, I will get around to killing you. I know everything that's going to happen, or, should happen, I should say. You have to September, I'd say. For now, though, I'd advise you to keep an eye on the three boys, Vincent, Gerald, and Adam. Oh, and your friend, Uri Halete. They are integral to the two sides of the next great world events..."

And with that, Clemethai was out of Cylath's head. For now...


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