Origins: Chapter 5 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


Leading Laboratories

December 11, 1979

Vincent looked at his alarm clock next to his bed. 8:30 A.M. Half an hour from the start of a new day at his newest home. Here, they understood him. Here, they trained him to use his power in ways he never thought possible. Here, he made real friends.

Vincent rolled to see the other side of his bed. At the other end of the room slept Hayley, cute as ever as she lay fast asleep. Vincent was glad she shared a room with him. She proved to be a great friend since they met each other. In fact, they've even started to grow romantically attached...again, which Vincent took a liking to.

8:59 A.M. Had he really been watching her for all that time? Vincent felt kind of ashamed, thinking of what Hayley might think if she knew.

Suddenly, everything in the room sprung to life. Elegant angular accents in the walls shone blue from the glow of the lights embedded behind them, and the brushed steel window shutters flew up into their slots, revealing the glass panes behind them, and sunlight behind the panes. The door panel, labeled on the inside and outside as Room 11, slid open. It was the dawn of a new day.

Leading Laboratories was truly state of the art. Technology that wouldn't reach the general public for decades was in full use in the facility, such as facial and vocal recognition security measures, computer tablets, flat-screen displays, and highly advanced workstations that could comprehend the complex studies that took place.

As the children receded from their dorms, Cylath Mikul himself waited for them in the Great Hall, the place where every day officially started.

"Members of Leading Laboratories!" Cylath started. "We have a very special announcement for you all. As you know, since your parents' untimely passings, we have strived to not only keep the powers we're interested in under control, but also provide the best feeling of home life we can conjure. That's why...." The children looked on eagerly.

"We have decided that on December 25th, we will cease all operation and treat you guys to an authentic Christmas celebration!" Cylath threw his hands in the air, and all the kids cheered. Though they had to become quite mature in such a short time, they could still be excited for something like the holidays.

"That is all, now, come and get breakfast and your day cards." Cylath bowed and exited to the main elevator, taking it up to his office.

Cylath's Office

9:15 A.M.

"You can't keep these kids innocent like this. Christmas celebrations? They should be training to become the greatest of all mankind, now that would be a present." Clemethai appeared as Cylath entered the office.

"No, that's what you want, remember you gave me the power to see the future, now I always know what to do." Cylath replied rather coldly to his secret advisor.

Cylath went over to his desk and checked his video messages. 1 message.

Peter appeared on the screen of his large monitor, after the recorded message splash screen faded.

"Cylath...I don't know how to say this...but it has been reported to me that Hannah, Amelia, and Georgio have been...murdered." Peter pauses and wipes his eyes.

"Daniel Dontori has fled his home on account of this and is coming to the labs to help you; he feels that this will keep him from the killer out there and carry on the legacy of our fallen comrades. Uri Halete should still be with you, hopefully you've seen him today...this is a horrific loss...makes you wonder if we're doing the right thing with these kids..."

And with that, Peter's message ended. Cylath slowly turned to Clemethai, his tall figure standing over the desk chair.

"Did you do this...?" Cylath slowly asked, in a deep, angered voice.

"Me?! Why would I have any reason to-"

Cylath slammed his fist down on the desk, rattling papers. "That wasn't a no!" Cylath yelled.

"Cylath, please, I did not hurt anyone..." Clemethai backed away from Cylath, who was beginning to stand. However, the Leading Labs founder did not attack him, rather, he closed his hands together, and time traveled into the past.

Clemethai stood in the cold, empty office, looking out the large, floor-to-ceiling fiberglass windows onto the cloudy December day.

After a minute or two, Cylath reappeared.

"I know what you've wanted to do now." Cylath stated to Clemethai. "A pathogen, right? The one released from the over-concentration of light energy, that's what you used to kill the parents but keep me alive, right? You killed Amelia, Georgio, and Hannah too. All part of your plan, your skewed, twisted version of my father's vision."

Clemethai was not shaken at all. "You'll come to find that your father's plans are exactly what I follow. Perhaps it is you who has seen a skewed version of your father all your life."

Regardless, we're not following his plans anymore. I'm in charge, and I don't need you." Cylath readied his handgun.

"It's over."

With one shot, Clemethai, the holder of all light powers, fell to the ground dead, truly dead.


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