Origins: Chapter 4 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Leading Laboratories

July 24, 1979 - 10:00 A.M.

The doors of Leading Laboratories opened to 7 families eager to see where they might decide to send their children in order to help them with their interesting "ailments"

"Please, do look around as much as you'd like." Cylath greeted the families as they walked in. "We will hold our main presentation in a few minutes, in the hall at the north end of the building."

After the families had their fill of the main entrance area, they flowed into the seats within the Atlar Hall. Cylath, along with the founders, stepped out on the stage, raised just slightly from the ground.

"I'm sure you know me, parents and children, from my greetings at the entrance." Cylath started, "My name is Cylath Mikul, CEO of the Mikul Corporation and founder of this very building and project. Although, I could never take all the credit. You see, each of these people behind me had a hand in helping my father along in the original project, to bring people with a certain special gift together. He only got around to these fine men and women," Cylath gestured to the founders behind him, "but with my plan, we will find more. And that starts with you."

Peter took to the microphone. "I'd like for each child to step forward and follow me, if that's alright with the parents. I'd like to show them firsthand what you'll be seeing soon in our complimentary programs we'll hand out."

The 7 kids got up and followed Peter out into the dorm area of Leading Labs. The other founders receded off stage and out of the hall, leaving Cylath to converse with the parents.

"I'd like to share with you more information on our endeavors..." Cylath began to speak peacefully of a gentle and noble plan, but soon after he started, some parents began to cough. And then, all of them started to cough, even worse. Some started collapsing to the floor.

Cylath frantically looked around for the emergency alarm switch, as he too began to hack away. Finding it at the left end of the hall, he busted the glass and triggered the alarm.

" going...on..." Cylath managed to get out before he fell to the cold tile.

Dormitory Hall

"What's going on?" A kid, about 14, asked. Similar questions were directed to tour guide Peter, but he hand no answer to give and simply advised his group to head into the Dormitory Hall safe room, a chamber devised for protection against the types of emergencies one might trigger the alarm for.

A teen named Wellam began to shake. "I can't...stop it..." He began to glow, but all the others didn't look so bright. Slowly, Peter and the other kids began to shake too, except not with power, but with pain instead. Wellam's power was killing them all...

Suddenly, not able to take anymore, Peter grabbed Wellam's arm and surged electrical-looking light energy into it. This made Wellam stop almost as quick as he started. However, all that light power ceased the operation of another skill Peter was employing...

"Who are you?" The same 14-year-old who asked the previous question was surprised as he learned that the appearance of founder Peter was just an illusion.

Clemethai stood tall in the center of the several untrained gifted ones. "You will all thank me someday...I gave you all power...Atlar's Wish-" Clemethai was cut off by the whack of an iron rod to his head. A strong-looking teen stood, proud that he saved his newfound friends from the kidnapper disguised as Peter.

The alarm stopped. Leading Laboratories was clear of threats.

Atlar Hall


Cylath awoke to a frightening scene. The cough-inducing pathogen was gone, replaced by a much bigger problem...

The parents were dead.

Founder Uri Halete, often known as a brave man, was the first to reenter Atlar Hall. He stood by Cylath.

"What do we do, sir?" He asked quietly.

"Lock...Lock down this hall forever. And find the children. This was not the way we were supposed to have them, but we do now. All will go as planned."


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