Origins: Chapter 2 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


Mikul Research Company - Building 0

July 11, 1970 - 11:30 P.M.

"Your son's never going to manifest, Mr. Mikul. There's only one other option."

"I won't let you do that to my son...not ever."

"You don't realize how much I can help."

"You won't put an ability into my son, Clemethai."

Clemethai stepped back from the large desk in the grand office. "Whatever you say,, where's the new painting?"

Atlar got up from his chair and pulled a canvas along a track on the wall, right above the spacious window behind the desk. Clemethai's face went from a calm expression to utter shock.

"That can't be the future..." He said, staring.

"It is. We are on the track to this very event" Atlar pointed to the large flash that covered most of the land in the artwork. "That's going to hit in the state of Arizona. Look at the sign that Hannah painted at the forefront."

Atlar moved his finger down to the sign.


a division of the Mikul Corporation

"This is the new building...? But, it's..."

"Clemethai, the explosion that causes Leading Labs to is-"


"Ack!" Atlar flew back into the window, shattering it, his body flying from the 10-story building.

"Atlar! Atlar!!!" Clemethai yelled, helplessly watching as the head of the company fell to his death.

"No!!" Clemethai whipped around and caught a glimpse of the gunman who shot Atlar out of the building.

"You!!" Clemethai sprinted towards the man, but was thrown back against a wall by a dark force.

"You killed Atlar Mikul! What is the meaning of this?!" Cylath yelled as the assassin drew closer.

The assassin spoke in a deep, yet raspy voice. "In my time, Atlar is around to save the world. But the world shall not be saved anymore. I've made way for a time of great ruin...but it shall bring me will make sure of that, Master of Light..." The assassin pressed his hand to Clemethai's forehead.

"You are a god...tell your came from another world to give powers to the people on Earth...but an evil of your godly world got in the way...and then there was The Void..."

"Clemethai breathed heavily as darkness filled his mind. "...Who are you...?"

"The embodiment of the dark power you can create, in the name of the dark god Zero...know me only as Jayl Cel, a cage for your darkness to rest within if this plan for the future succeeds...Clemethai, you must give Cylath the power to see this future...but first, they must think that you are dead..."

Jayl disappeared in a flash of darkness, and Clemethai fell to the floor, unconscious.

Leading Laboratories

1:30 P.M., Present Day (1979)

"When will we begin finding the manifesting children, Mr. Mikul?" Georgio Altmanti asked Cylath, as they all sat at the table in the dining hall.

"We've already started pulling public records of some we want to pursue." Cylath started. "Based on these reports, the most powerful of our 'first batch' appear to be three named Vincent, Adam, and Gerald."

"And the others in this batch? Who are they?" Hannah Cerato asked.

"We have a Roy, a Wellam, such an interesting name, that one, oh, and a Samuel, a Hayley, my own son Nathaniel, and two unborn children who've been making the news as doctors cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with them. But we do, of course."

"A sizable amount there, Cylath..." Daniel Dontori pondered an issue. "How will we get them to our facility?"

"Simple. The parents are looking for answers, they are looking for answers, we have the answers. Therefore, they will fall right into our hands and we can keep them as long as we want, just as long as we appear to be 'still looking' for a 'fix' to their abilities. Next week we will start to gather them."

"And what will they do once they're here?"

"That is the part that is most exciting. We will train them to use their abilities, and then you all will be given one, due to some untimely circumstances that befall their birth parents. They will grow the lineage of our names for generations and generations."

"And what of the next batch, or one after that? There are many kids with the potential and already-manifested powers out there." Amelia Mount pointed out.

"Leading Labs will simply become the place where they can understand and control their gifts. We will have more and more facilities like this one put up all over the world, and soon, those kids will fit right in with ordinary society, and be accepted for their gift, instead of feared."

The founders were content with Cylath's plan, and toasted on its behalf.

"To the future of light!"

Leading Laboratories - Cylath's Living Space

10:00 P.M.

Cylath took off his silver glasses and set them down on his nightstand. He looked around his bedroom in the Leading Labs facility.

"I guess I'll be seeing this place for a while..." Cylath said to himself, laying down in bed and shutting off the lights.

"Night night." An ominous voice said from the opposite corner of his room.

Cylath switched the lights back on and jumped straight out of bed. "Who's there?!"

"It is your time, Cylath." The figure with the ominous voice stepped into the light.

"Clemethai?'re dead..."

"So they say..." Clemethai started. "But I never died. It's all part of the're doing a beautiful job on that, by the way...and you don't even know it." Clemethai raised his hand and pulled Cylath to him with telekinesis.

"You should have the right to know it..." Clemethai placed his hand on Cylath's forehead. Slowly, Cylath began to glow.

" give me...a power..."

"Yes, Cylath, I give you a power...the power to see your'll need it to complete the rest of your destiny..."


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