Origins: Finale . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

After the Triad left Vincent, Adam, and Gerald, the three set off and found themselves in a small town miles north of Leading Laboratories. They each adopted a last name based on one of the founders. And so, Vincent Altmanti, Adam Cerato, and Gerald Mount began their new lives.

Cylath and Kaitlyn Mikul adopted one of the babies that was set to go to Leading Laboratories. They named him Atllar, in honor of his father, but with two "l"s, after the practice they set on all the remaining children before the Labs closed, as a way of identifying them in the future. With the help of Samuell to replace the memory of their old names with the new ones, Wellam (who already had two "l"s) and the one baby, Venull, went to Peter O'Kross and his wife, while Samuell went to Daniel Dontori.

The spirit of Clemethai, due to his plan failing, faded into the nether, leaving it up to those with powers to reproduce in order to keep their advancement alive.

Years later, when the three all had enough money to move to a better place, Vincent received a call from Hayley. She wanted to reconnect with him, and told him of her living arrangement in Peace Key City, which was made after the Labs closed a few years back. With this in mind, the three decided to all move there, in order to preserve their triad, in honor of the three that they met at the caves, that long time ago.

Vincent and Hayley ended up getting married a year later, and conceiving a child the next year. Adam and Gerald led similar events with their own lovers. One day, on the job as a business manager for a local city business, the Mikul Corporation called Vincent and offered him a job that payed enough to keep his new family very comfortable. Not surprisingly, even with the notion of working for Cylath Mikul, he took the job. Around this time, Cylath faked his death, due to his mission to save the world from the future he saw, and Nathaniel took over the company, which made things on Vincent easier, since there was not much of a negative relationship between him and Nathaniel.

Nathaniel secretly had all the "ll" kids, well, now they were young adults, relocated to the city. Somehow, around this time, a man named Allan was hired to the company, and, coincidentally, he had a light power, despite never being under Leading Labs or even detected previously. Nathaniel, armed with information about the true visions of his grandfather, Atlar Mikul, began his mission when Evell's Video was found.

You knew the story of The Triad.

And now you know some of the Origins.

But do you know the Endgame?

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