Origins: Chapter 1 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key Cemetery

July 11, 1979 - 4:00 P.M.

Thunder boomed overhead as Cylath, Kaitlyn, and little Nathaniel approached the large tombstone of Atlar Allen Mikul. Cylath knelt down and placed a bouquet of white roses down in front of the ornate stone.

"Why does Daddy put white flowers down on grandfather's stone?" Nathaniel asked his mother, confused.

"Your grandfather loved his white roses...he would always keep some somewhere in his house. He started to do it for Grandma but came to love them himself..." Kaitlyn wiped her eyes. "It's respectful to place flowers on a gravestone, and what better ones..."

Lightning crackled in the distance. Cylath got up and turned to his family.

"Okay, we have to go." The three turned and walked out of the cemetery, meeting up with the man who was instructed to take them home.

"Thanks for coming out, Peter. Please take my family home."

"Of course, Cylath."

Nathaniel jumped up and down. "Ooh, Mr. O'Kross, do we get to do the teleport-y thing? Do we?"

Peter O'Kross laughed. "Of course, my boy, of course! Come on now!" Kaitlyn and Nathaniel took Peter's hands. In an instant, they were back home.

Ludgrove Livings

"Thanks for taking us home, Peter." Kaitlyn thanked him.

"No problem, Kaitlyn."

"Mr. O'Kross, where's Daddy?" Nathaniel asked Peter.

"Your Dad and I have work to do tonight. He'll be back tomorrow, don't you worry, my boy. Now, go on with your mother." Nathaniel nodded and ran inside the Mikul family mansion. Peter teleported back to Peace Key Cemetary.

Peace Key Cemetery

Peter emerged out of thin air, right back to Cylath's side.

"You know, I've always particularly liked your ability." Cylath commented.

"It served me and your father well. I'm glad you like it." Peter laughed shortly as it started to rain.

"Speaking of which, shall we go put the final touches on the new Arizona facility?" Cylath took Peter's hand.

"Gladly." Peter replied, and in a second, they left the cemetery, just as it started to pour.

A man walked out from behind a cluster of trees in the cemetery grounds right after Peter and Cylath left.

"So...they're just about finished with the Arizona lab...looks like Cylath is sticking to Atlar's plan all along...pity he doesn't have me to awaken him so he can see what a mistake he's making..."

The man walked up the hill to Atlar Mikul's grave.

"The greatest founder of them all, and you had to die first...don't worry though, I'm working on a way to make your wishes true...I have to stop your son. Spread my story. Save the world."

Leading Laboratories Site, Arizona

1:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

"So, what do you think?" Cylath asked Peter as they stood in the bright sunlight, looking up to the finished Mikul Corporation complex.

"I think Leading Laboratories is going to help a lot of people...your father would be proud."

"I bet he would..." Cylath and Peter had a moment of silence, the breeze blowing past them and waving the flags marked with the white rose insignia of the Mikul Research Company.

Cylath looked down the street. "Okay, it's time." Peter turned and saw the cars coming up the street.

"The other called them?" Peter asked, surprised.

"Of course! It's a surprise to all of them, too. Remember, Leading Labs wasn't scheduled to open this early!"

"We're going to open it? Now?" Peter's face turned from surprise to excitement. Even as an older adult, the Mikul family could still throw him for a loop.

The company founders' cars parked alongside the street. Soon, the wealthy company men and women emerged, and gathered at the entrance to Leading Laboratories, looking at Cylath and Peter, who stood in front of the doors.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here today," Cylath started. "Shortly after starting a small research company for his groundbreaking theories and ideas, my father went through the great endeavor of finding all of you, so he could organize a group to protect future generations of those blessed with 'the light', like him and all of you.

Today, I am proud to say that the facility and resources needed to fulfill such a wish are now complete in their production. Today, my friends, Leading Laboratories opens! And even though I may not have such a power, I recognize the greatness that can be achieved here just as well. Today, we begin! Mikul Research Company becomes a corporation!"

Cylath cut the ornate red band tied across the doors with silver scissors, and opened the doors as it fell to the ground. The founders all clapped and followed Cylath inside.

"We now have the proper technology, things that won't be available to the public for decades, and the proper space to run a facility for young people blessed with abilities like my father's, and like yours. And, if I might add, a proper place for your company photo." The founders laughed in joy as Cylath pulled back the small curtains on a framed photo of all the founders hung up in the lobby.

Alongside the photo, there was a golden plaque with the eight names engraved on it.










"Go on, explore the rest of this grand facility. You've all followed its construction and waited for its completion long enough! We'll all have lunch in the extravagant dining hall soon." Cylath excused the founders, and turned to look at the picture with Peter.

"I still can't believe my father isn't here to see this..." Cylath wiped his eyes as he looked at his father, standing in the center of the photograph.

"Dr. Andret too, for that matter." Peter added. "He was an integral player in figuring out our gifts, you know."

Cylath stepped back from the picture. "I believe there's lunch to be had."

"Agreed." Peter replied, as he and Cylath headed into the dining hall.

Outside Leading Laboratories

"That kid really finished it." The same man from the cemetery said, looking at the grandness of the new Mikul Corporation complex.

"Such a shame it has to come crashing down...and he has to die..." The man charged a light blast in his hands.


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