Writing Wrongs

Endgame: Chapter 2 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Los Libertad - Rebel Compound in New Mexico

9:30 A.M. the next day

"Spread the word! Don't let the syndicated media run your lives! Read the articles that Peace Key will not show you, for free and always free!" A young girl called to the passerby in the small, rebel-built compound of Los Libertad, located right outside of civilized New Mexico, a sector of the United Country, formerly the United States.

A middle-aged, unkempt-looking man approached the small stand where the girl sold her newspapers. He took one and sat down nearby to flip through it. However, he was quickly attracted to the cover page.

BREAKING NEWS: Idol rebels Evell Holder, Allison Cerato FREE from capitivity

By Peace Key Senior Reporter "ll"

The first prisoners of this unofficial war have been, arguably, teenagers Evell Holder and Allison Cerato, who have become idols to the rebel community. Yesterday, they made the daring escape from the Mikul Center for Unbelievers and are believed to have escaped the city.

It is a great day for the rebellion. Soon we may be able to contact them. Work with them. Soon we may be able to bring down the Mikul order. It's happening, my brothers and sisters. We are beginning to win.


"ll" is a well-respected reporter who has been communicating with the Rebellion News Collection since the very beginning. It is unknown who or where ll is, but all we know is that he's one of the best we've got.

The man stared at the article. "My, oh little girl made it."

Mikul Grand Office

9:40 A.M.

The windows were all shut and covered by the automatic shades, restricting any daylight from entering the office of Nathaniel Mikul.

"You ready for your project?" He asked the only other person in the room.

The middle-aged man looked at Emperor Mikul, his eyes yellowed, as if from an illness. In fact, his whole body gave the appearance that he was infected. However, this man was completely fine.

"I trust that our serum has done you well?" Mikul asked.

"...Yes, Mr. Mikul." The man replied in a gruff voice.

"Good!" Nathaniel smiled and took a manila folder from his desk. "This project is very important to us, and it's very important that you are the one to carry it out."

The man stood, awaiting the details.

"Los Libertad is a rebellion compound in New Mexico. We've been secretly watching this place, and it has developed into quite the community. However, we're afraid that, along with the widespread Nevada rebellion, an attack on the regional headquarters of the area will be conducted. You can imagine why that would be a problem for us, right, Mr. Mount?

Gerald nodded.

"Okay. I trust you remember your power. I remember it." Nathaniel threw in a reference.

Gerald nodded.

"Well, thanks to the injections we've administered to you, you're not only capable of surging pain by touch; you can now transmit pain to anyone you want. This will be useful in your specific task."

Nathaniel paused, and flipped a page in the folder.

"Ah, here it is. Mr. Cerato is in the compound you're going to! You remember ol' Adam, right?"

Gerald nodded.

"Well..." Nathaniel tilted his head for emphasis. "Hopefully you'll make it so that a memory would be the only thing anyone will ever have of him."

Fields outside Peace Key City

10:00 A.M.

"This way, men! Find those two!" Soldiers from the city stomped through the shrubbery. The fields outside of Peace Key City were once flat from the "flash" a year ago. Before then, suburban areas littered the area.

Evell and Allison, hiding behind a tree, made sure that the soldiers passed until they made the move further away, to another hiding spot.

"Hey," Allison whispered to Evell as they hid behind a boulder. "Can't you just teleport us out of here?"

"I can only get to the alternate reality. Not anywhere in the real world." Evell put down Allison's idea.

She wasn't done. Allison grabbed Evell's hand.

"How about now?" She asked.

Evell could feel a new power coursing through him, as Allison supercharged his ability. Suddenly, he thought of a place, and saw it right before his very eyes.

"You did it!" Allison shouted with joy.

"Woah..." Evell looked around. He was at his house in Las Vegas.

Location Unknown

Time Unknown

"Get in the car! Now!!" Two teenagers were shoved into the back of a black SUV. Almost as quick as they went in, the men who kidnapped them got in themselves, and drove off.

A man stood, and watched them drive away. A single tear went down his face.

"What is this world that I have made..." And with that, he vanished into thin air.

Location Unknown

Time Unknown

The man stood in the backyard of a small Las Vegas house, after teleporting away from the kidnapping scene. Through the window, he could faintly see a child and his mother sitting down for dinner.

The man stretched his arms out, ripping a hole in the ground. Just as quickly as he did that, he somehow managed to make a box appear inside the cavity. Covering it up as quickly as he opened it, the man teleported away before the family even noticed.

Location Unknown

Time Unknown

The man was back in the time where the teens were captured.

"All the wrongs in this future must be fixed. And so it has begun."


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