Endgame: Chapter 1 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Mikul Corporation - Center for Unbelievers

8:00 P.M.

"C'mon! We have to go, the alarms have already been tripped!!" Evell yelled to Allison, trailing behind him as they ran down the corridor from their cells, the shrill alarm ringing in their ears.

"We'll never make it!!" Allison yelled.

"We have to try!!" Evell was determined to escape, blind to the difficulty of such a task.

"Hey, you!!" A large guard stood at the end of the hallway. "Stop right there!"

Evell ripped a loose pipe from the old wall. Reaching the guard, he leaped and hit the big man in the head, sending him to the floor. Allison flew around the fallen guard and continued along with Evell.

"Doors are just around the corner." Evell said.

"They'll be waiting for us, though!"

"I know that." Evell said, readying his makeshift weapon.

"They have guns, and quite a lot of them, if you didn't realize! You're gonna fight with a rusted pipe?"

"No," Evell started. "I have a much better idea."

The two escapees turned the corner. A small army of security awaited them.

"Stand down!!" The head of security yelled at Evell and Allison.

"We will save the world!!" Evell screamed in determination. He threw the pipe, and it spiraled into a box attached to the wall, smashing the piece of technology. Suddenly, Evell and Allison could feel their powers returning to them.

"The suppression system's been cut!! Be ready, men!" The security head signaled for his men to attack.

"Supercharge me!" Evell said to Allison. "I can send them all into the alternate reality!"

Allison quickly grabbed hold of Evell. Sticking out his hands, the boy created a light vortex, sucking in loose items and the guards throughout the area. Within a minute, Evell cleared the room.

"Let's go!!" Evell said, running for the door. He and Allison flew out of the Mikul Corporation building, and out into the stormy summer evening.

"We...we did it..." Allison said, gasping for breath.

"We have to go as far away from here as possible, now! We have to get out of the city before-" Evell stopped as the streetlights and the lights on the building suddenly shorted out in a shower of orange sparks.

In the darkness of the cloud-covered night, Evell and Allison could see a pair of glowing eyes headed towards them.

"You thought you could escape..." The eyes drew closer.

"Get away from us!! You're not who we once knew! You're evil! A monster!!" Allison shouted at the silhouette of a young man.

"You're right, Allie...I'm far better than who you knew." The man crackled light in his hands, which illuminated his face.

"It's been a while, Dyllan." Evell said, his voice showing no fear. Suddenly, he turned, grabbing Allison, and ran to the left, barely seeing a thing but knowing that he successfully caught Dyllan off guard.

"They're heading for the west sector of the city. Lock down every exit and shut down the airport. They shall not leave." Dyllan said, communicating via smart watch with Nathaniel.

"Affirmative." Nathaniel replied.

Mikul Building 0 - City Defense Panel

8:15 P.M.

"You heard him, men!" Nathaniel turned to his operators, as Dyllan's transmission closed on the central terminal screen. "Shut down the city and send everyone after those two!"

"Yes, sir!" The panel operators replied in unison.

Wellam O'Kross burst into the room. "Nathaniel, open Monitor 11. Someone we hoped was gone is reaching us."

Monitor 11 opened on the terminal wall. A blurry live stream from a security camera positioned at Mikul Park showed a cloaked figure. His face was masked by shadow, and on his right arm, a large, stylized ll symbol is emblazoned onto the cloak in gold color.

"Emperor Mikul of the New World," The figure started, "You will never get rid of me. You can try, but I will always evade your grasp. Your world is falling only a short year after you gained control of it. When Evell and Allison escape, the surviving world will know of the evils going on in this capital city. Many more ordinary people have survived than you think. Always remember, light goes on, in every form." The figure held his hand to the camera. There was a flash, and then, nothing.

"Get some men to Mikul Park, now!!" Nathaniel commanded.

O'Kross wasn't finished. "There's another issue."

"What now?!"

"People aren't willing to stand by anymore. They are already turning to their own resident rebels around the world. But, in particular, we've been keeping tabs on a specific one in Nevada who gained quite a bit of a following. We fear that this particular leader may begin to launch an attack on the region's headquarters. We don't have the defenses in that area to fight a large-scale strategic assault. But, we've already run our soldiers thin in just this country, and no one is going to join us now."

"We have to start drafting, then." Nathaniel simply replied.

"That's just it," O'Kross continued, "if we draft we'll just be bringing the rebels closer to where they want to attack."

"Then..." Nathaniel started. "Then we have to round up every suspected rebel in this country and put them away...until our message is received."


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