World at Stake

The Triad: Finale . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"Noooo!!" Wellam O'Kross yelled, blasting the six with a powerful dark energy. They all flew back, hit by the force. Then, Dyllan got up, and ran away.

"Dyllan! Come back here!" Vincent yelled at his fleeing son. "Adam, George, keep O'Kross at bay and Evell and Allison safe. Find out what Nathaniel is doing. I'm going after my son."

Mikul Park

2:30 P.M.

"What truly is ultimate success in life?" Nathaniel was already well into his speech preceding his announcement. "Is it strength? Any power at all? Is it the simple achievement of survival? My father always said ultimate, life-completing success is when you do something for the good of the world, when people globally know you and the great you've done. He got that from his father, whom you all know as Atlar Mikul, founder of my family's corporation. Atlar achieved that success. But my father, in my eyes he did not. No one outside of this country knows the name Cylath Mikul. He's done his good under the name of the corporation, never making a name for himself. But, he had his reasons, and it was a good run for my dad and the company.

But, I will be known for returning to Atlarian tactics. I will take this city, the corporation, and myself to new heights. People around the world will know my name for the great I will do, the great the corporation will do, the great this city will do, and so on down. Because, by tomorrow, your next Peace Key City mayor, as an emergency replacement for Gerald Mount, will be me!"

The crowd applauded and cheered at the unveling of their new mayor. They chanted, over and over again, "Mayor Mikul!"

Entrance to Mikul Park

"Mayor...Mikul?" Gerald was shocked at the city's quick decision on the next mayor, and who it was. "How did the city decide so quickly?"

"Gerald, with all your time as mayor, you should know there was no vote for this." Adam explained, "Mikul probably bought the seat as soon as you left it open."

"So what do we do?" Evell asked.

"He may be mayor, but I can take his other power. We don't need the shockwave to take down one man." Adam said, running into the crowd. Gerald, Evell, and Allison stood at the back of the crowd and watched.

"Hold it! This man is a lie!" Adam yelled so the crowd could hear. Suddenly, there was silence. Adam's plan was working.

Diner at 11th Street

2:40 P.M.

"Dyllan, please, this is no time to be mad over some stupid misunderstanding." Vincent tried reasoning with his son.

"No, dad, this wasn't a misunderstanding! Do you not know what it's like to feel betrayed? Evell and Allison were together behind my back, and worse, she hasn't been sorry about it in the slightest yet! She knew exactly what she was doing! I'm a person! I have feelings too!" Dyllan slammed his fist on the table he was sitting at.

"Look son, if we can't use the shockwave, something terrible is going to happen very soon. The second disaster. We stopped the first one, together, as six. We need you. You have the helmet. You have an important power. Without you the shockwave will never stop the second disaster."

A waitress walked over to Vincent and Dyllan's table. "I'm sorry, I keep overhearing you saying 'second disaster.' Would you know anything about this?" The waitress showed Vincent a label.


"...Where did you get this?" Vincent asked the waitress.

"A man was at this table not too long ago, looking at some documents in a folder. He ran off when the TV came on to broadcast Dr., well, Mayor Mikul's announcement. He was wearing a beige coat, I think he had silvery hair...any of this ring a bell?"

Vincent nodded. "Yes, thank you." He took the label from the waitress's hand.

"Come on, Dyllan, we've got to go back to the park." As Vincent and Dyllan got up from their seats, a man walked into the diner, and suddenly, all the patrons and employees fell over, gray, eyeless, and dead.

"Try to fight and I'll kick it up a notch and kill you both." Wellam O'Kross said, walking closer to Vincent and Dyllan.

Mikul Park

2:42 P.M.

"Dr. Nathaniel Mikul cannot be mayor!" Adam started. "He bought the seat right after Mayor Mount resigned; he was never the replacement! You will never vote on a new mayor again, as long as he's alive! His company has done terrible things in the past, experimented with elements beyond even our world! He plans to kill you all, tonight, and be a global king!"

The crowd booed Adam as he stepped closer to the stage.

"What the hell is Adam doing?" Allison asked.

"Buying time." Gerald replied.

Nathaniel replied to his "crazy" accuser. "Neither I nor does my company ever want to take over the world. Where did you read that, some internet comic detailing the takeover of the evil Mikul Corporation, a company renowned for life-saving research?"

"You don't save lives. Look what his company did to me!" Adam started to glow, to the crowd's shock and surprise.

Nathaniel clicked on his headset clipped to his ear. "Where's O'Kross?"

"He intercepted the chief light boy and his father down the street, sir."

"Tell him it's time to end this."

Diner at 11th Street

2:44 P.M.

"My boss says it's time for you two to get out of his way...forever." Wellam O'Kross stretched his arms out, and two blasts of dark energy charged in his palms. His eyes rolled back, showing all white, as he prepared a combination of his offensive and genocidal powers.

"No!!" Dyllan yelled, trying to use his power, but it didn't work, and he fell to the floor along with his father, feeling that same life-draining affect from in the past.

"I'm actually going to offer you one chance, Dyllan." Wellam O'Kross said. "Kill your father, right now, and you pledge loyalty to the Mikul Corporation. You will stand with Nathaniel instead of me, when he takes over the world. You can have as much revenge on your two friends as you want. We just need one of you out of the way to stop the shockwave. You can save your own life, and insure it for all time, right here, right now."

Dyllan turned to his father. At first, Dyllan's eyes showed mercy, like he wasn't ever about to accept the offer. But then, his eyes changed. Widened with anger.

"You tried to kill Mom!!... You knew all about Cylath's plans and could've stopped them!! put Evell and Allison together!!!'re not..."

" do you know these things?" Vincent asked, fearing for his life.

"...He's showing me..." Dyllan replied.

Mikul Park

2:47 P.M.

"I can show you all what this man's company did to me! What this glow is all about!" Adam was now on stage, turning to Nathaniel.

"Where's my secur-Hey!" Adam put his hand over Nathaniel's face. Before the security could get him, Adam leeched Nathaniel's power right out from him.

"AAAHHHH!!" Nathaniel let out a blood-curdling scream as he lost his immense power. The crowd was ablaze with shock and furious noise.

Gerald, Allison, and Evell ran to try and help Adam, but security blocked the way, as other guards took Adam into the back of the security van.

"Ahahahaha..." Nathaniel laughed darkly. "None of you know what lengths we've gone to in order to keep that from the world..."

Suddenly, Wellam and Dyllan ran up onto the stage to help the powerless Nathaniel.

"What the hell is he doing here? Kill him!" Nathaniel backed away from Dyllan as he instructed O'Kross.

"I'm different now." Dyllan started, adopting a darker voice, and forcefully taking Nathaniel's hands.

"What do you mean, different?"

"I'm with you."

"Then, do it. Do it! The second disaster is you, Dyllan Mikul!! Channel your greatest power through me!!"

Mikul Corporation - Building 0

8:00 P.M. - 1 year into the future

"One flash, one surge, and then all this." Dyllan said, looking out the window, watching what was left of Peace Key City, now the world's capital.

"It's sure something to think about. You were next to nothing in the world, and now, you can go anywhere and be known. Maybe not for good, but I only say that to sound nice, you know. Atlar's Wish never had anything to do with good." Nathaniel said, standing behind Dyllan.

"I know." Dyllan started, "This was Atlar's Wish all along. You and me, Mikuls at the top of the world. Powered citizens rising over the leftover ordinary. Leading Labs was creating the leaders of the future. So many different kids, all parallel on only one thing: their abilities. But that was enough in the end."

"Yes, son. The 'll' tag was born out of the need to tag who our leaders would be. Some lost their way, but those that were left, well, they rose with us."

"It's a great new world." Dyllan replied.

Nathaniel's phone rang. "O'Kross, nice to hear from you. What?! Well, get them back! Oh, dammit, I'm going over there right now." Nathaniel hung up.

"What's going on?" Dyllan asked.

"Evell and Allison escaped their holding cells."

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