Change of Plans

The Triad: Chapter 9 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


6:15 P.M.

A huge explosion is heard, shaking the restaurant and making the windows shatter. A collective gasp sounds and people begin to run and scream.

"Holy shit!" Dyllan yelled as both him and Allison sprung from their seats at their table and dodge the shattering glass. The shaking ground overwhelmed most other sounds in the room.

"What's going on?!" Allison screamed in fear.

"It sounded like an explosion!" Dyllan yelled in reply. They managed to get out of the restaurant, and saw a horrific sight, along with the others who've gathered to the streets to see.

The hotel blew up. Hundreds, dead. Smoke rose from the site of the hotel, covering the night sky over it in a foreboding cloud. Rubble burned within the crater left behind by the explosion. Everyone and everything inside was vaporized.

" god...oh..." Allison started to cry. Dyllan became teary-eyed as well, and hugged her.

Dyllan's phone vibrated in his pocket. Reluctantly, he answered it.

"...Hello..." Dyllan could barely greet the person on the other line.

"Son, this is your father. Is Allison...with you?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Oh, thank god..." Vincent's voice trails off, and Dyllan can hear him tell Adam and Gerald the good news in the background.

Vincent returned. "I think it's time for you to come to Las Vegas. That wasn't an ordinary explosion. I knew a man with an ability to explode using the heat of light. His name was Venull. My relations with him aren't important, the point is that he still works, well, worked for Mikul. He had to have blown up that hotel to kill you two."

Dyllan felt worse. "Great, thanks Dad. Nice to know that all those people died because of me!!"

"No, you didn't do any of this. Mikul did this. You want revenge? He's here now, in Las Vegas, and we know exactly where he'll be. Have Allison supercharge herself and you. You'll get here much faster."

Vincent hung up. Some of Dyllan's guilt turned into a furious drive.

"My Dad said you should supercharge yourself and I and we'll get to Las Vegas faster."

"Out here? In the open like this?"

"We have to get there. Do it."

"...Okay..." Allison took Dyllan's hands, and shut her eyes. Suddenly, both of them started to glow a bright yellow. Then, they rocketed into the sky.

And no one saw a thing. Well, remembered seeing a thing.

Samuell walked out from a back alley, into the street, looking like he just used his power, and a lot of it.

"Go, find the other one and make three." he said, looking up to the sky, as a streak of yellow sailed through the night.

McCarran International Airport

3:40 P.M. (Pacific Standard Time)

"Signs of a suicide bombing are beginning to surface as we continue to look into this tragic event. Stay tuned for more information ." A news reporter spoke solemnly on the television. Gerald, Vincent, and Adam sat in the waiting area of Gate C, watching the report of the Key to Peace Hotel bombing.

"Are the kids coming?" Adam asked Vincent.

"Yeah, they should be getting here very soon. Gerald, you contacted Anna to bring Evell?"

"Yeah, she'll be here any minute."

"And you're positive that Mikul will be at Sandstone Drive?"

"He has to be."

Dyllan and Allison landed in the parking lot of McCarran International Airport. Immediately, they ran inside.

"I didn't know you could make people fly." Dyllan asked.

"It takes a lot of supercharge to the arms and legs, but after that, it's like swimming in the air." Allison explained, gasping. She tired herself out using her ability like that.

"You know..." She started. "We didn't get to do what I really wanted to after dinner..." She winked at Dyllan.

Dyllan just stood for a second, not knowing how to reply. Luckily, he didn't have to.

"Allison! Dyllan!" Adam yelled from a little ways away from the front entrance. They both ran to him.

"Oh, I'm so glad you two are alright..." Adam said as they all had a brief moment together. Then, they started walking to Gate C.

"What do we do now?" Allison asked her father.

"Evell is going to be here any minute, and then we're all going to go to his house, where Mikul will be. Then..."

"We'll end this all for good." Dyllan finished Adam's sentence.

"Precisely." Adam concurred.

After a few minutes, Adam, Dyllan, and Allison arrived at Gate C. Dyllan ran to his father, and they sat together, both happy that the other was alright.

5158 Sandstone Drive

3:42 P.M.

Mikul busted down the house's front door. Dontori followed him inside.

"How are we going to get the box without a shovel or anything?" Dontori asked his boss.

"You'll see." Mikul replied. Mikul kicked down the back door and stood in the backyard. Dontori watched from the porch. Mikul lifted his arms into the air, and slowly began to part them in opposite directions. As he did this, the ground of the backyard began to split, and then slide open. Mikul was opening a hole in the ground!

"Holy shit..." Dontori said to himself, as the house slightly shook.

After another minute or so, Mikul successfully revealed the box. Well, it looked more like a coffin than anything.

"This is one tall-ass box..." Mikul said, signaling Dontori to come to his aid. They both lifted the box out of the hole and placed it on the grass beside them. Mikul got down, undid the latches keeping the box closed, and turned to Dontori.

"You ready?"

"Do it, boss."

Mikul lifted the cover on the box...

"There's..." He started. Dontori finished.

"There's nothing!"

McCarran International Airport

3:50 P.M.

"You did make sure to call Anna, right, Gerald?" Adam asked his friend, getting worried. Evell should have arrived by now.

"Don't worry, I took care of it." Gerald replied. Then, his phone began to vibrate. He answered.

"It's a shame you sent Evell away..." an intimidating male voice began. "If he was with you, the Light Children would be together and you would've stopped Mikul, Dontori, and...The Box by now. Stopped the taking of the power locked in the alternate reality...saved the world..."

"Who the hell is this?"

"Oh,'d know me if you could see me...and you will, my friend! If you ever want to see Evell and Anna again, we will all meet very soon. You, Adam, Vincent, Dyllan, Allison...we'll throw a big party! It'll be awesome. I'm a great entertainer...but you'd know that, wouldn't you?"

The man hung up. Gerald's face looked pale and he turned to the others.

"...That was an old acquaintance...a dangerous individual, with a power; an ability. And he...he has Evell."

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