The Triad: Chapter 8 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Key to Peace Hotel

2:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

"Come on! We're living a life of absolute freedom! Don't you want to enjoy it?" Allison asked Dyllan, who sat on the one bed in their hotel room, worried over what would happen next in this crazy life of his.

"I's just that..." Dyllan started. "I feel like I have to help somehow. I can't let anything happen to my dad...or would be too much to bear."

Allison sat down next to Dyllan. "I know. They're the only parents we have left. You don't think I feel the same? But, they said to give them a few I say we do that, we trust them, and enjoy this while we can."

She put her hand to Dyllan's face. He smiled back.

"...Okay. What do you want to do. We'll do anything." Dyllan said, comforted.

McCarran International Airport

3:00 P.M. (Pacific Standard Time, 5 hours after Gerald's call)

"Thank you for flying with American Airlines." A recording of a woman's voice spoke as Vincent and Adam exited the plane into the airport in Las Vegas.

"Alright, Gerald should be waiting for us...ah, look! There he is." Adam said to Vincent, pointing at their friend sitting on a bench near the baggage claim area with a...mysterious fellow wearing glasses.

"Who the hell is that? One of Mikul's, you think?" Adam asked Vincent. "How'd Gerald get himself into a mess like this? Oh, this couldn't be going any wor-"

Vincent stopped his worrying friend. "We don't even know the guy yet. Let's just, find out, yes?" Vincent and Adam walked toward Gerald and his new friend.

"Oh, Vincent, Adam, you made it!" Gerald started, looking pleased. "This man is Allan George, one with an ability, like us."

"The locator..." Vincent said, taking the garbage can near the bench and knocking Allan out with it. Allan slumped to the floor, his glasses breaking.

Gerald jumped from his seat and stared at Vincent. "What the hell?! Vincent, what in the world have you done?!" Everyone in the vicinity also looked on in silence.

"Saved your life, that's what I did!" Vincent yelled.

Adam looked around, seeing their audience of shocked onlookers. He could hear security coming for them. "Uh guys, how the hell are we going to get out of this one?"

Suddenly, everyone returned to what they were doing before any of the three's antics occurred. The security returned to their regular patrol. Vincent, Gerald, and Adam looked at each other in confusion, standing around Allan's unconscious body.

"Uh...what?" Adam said.

"Someone did a mass wipe of everyone's memory. They all forgot what just happened. A powerful accomplice must be near. We have to go!" Gerald said, running off, followed by Vincent and Adam. The three ran right out into the blazing sun of the Las Vegas afternoon.

Mikul and Dontori walked out from the baggage claim area, over to Allan. They'd seen all of what just happened.

"Where'd you get a memory wipe ability?" Dontori asked Mikul.

"From Samuell." Mikul simply replied.

"Okay, so all of who we are to believe is The Triad have arrived. Are we going back to dig up the box?" Dontori asked, trying to awaken Allan.

"Of course. But, obviously we have more pressing matters at hand..." Mikul answered, gesturing to the unconscious locator.

Key to Peace Hotel

6:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

"So, you ready to go?" Dyllan asked Allison, who was still in the bathroom getting ready. They were going to a nice restaurant for dinner, something that Allison always wanted to do that they could never without the money, which they now had thanks to Vincent's plan.

Allison came out of the bathroom, looking beautiful. Dyllan opened the hotel door and the couple walked down to the elevator, left the hotel, and proceeded down the street to the restaurant.

Key to Peace Hotel

6:15 P.M.

"Alright, Master Mikul, I'm in."

"Very, I need you to...explode."

"...What? But I'll, I'll..."

"Die? Yes, yes you will,'ll die knowing you played a great hand in the next stage of humanity."

"I won't do it!"

"You defy my simple order?"

"You're asking me to kill myself!!"

"Fair know, you've been so great to me, Venull...I will never forget that."

Suddenly, Venull started to shake and heat up exponentially.

"Wh-What? But I...I won' it..."

"Oh, I know...that's why I'm making you."


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