Imminent Gathering

The Triad: Chapter 7 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

5158 Sandstone Drive, Las Vegas, NV

10:31 A.M. (Pacific Time Zone)

"It's Mayor Mount!" Dontori yelled as he tackled Gerald to the ground. Stealing the gun from the mayor's hands, Dontori jumped off of him before he could be charged with the pain that Mikul suffered. Now Gerald was back, staring into a gun.

"He's not here. Where is he?! Answer this time!!" Dontori barked at Gerald.

"I sent him away with his mother. I don't know where they went, but they left Nevada so you couldn't track Evell." Gerald answered. Dontori's face grew red.

"Arrgh!! Mikul, get the hell up! Evell is gone, and I want Mayor Mount to pay for his little interception..."

Mikul rose slowly. "No, it's fine, I've got this. Put the gun down." Reluctantly, Dontori lowered the gun, complying to his boss's order. Mikul got in Gerald's face.

"We are going to find your son. I suggest you don't leave for Florida anytime soon. Your city can wait, if you want to ever see your son again. Now get out of here. NOW!!"

Gerald, taking advantage of this lucky break, walked out of the house, knowing full well they wouldn't find anything there or ever find Evell either.

"Alright, boss, spill. Why did you let that freak go?!" Dontori was still angry.

"This is all going as my father described..." Mikul replied.

"Master Cylath informed you of this? How the hell did he do that?"

"He must've gone into the future to see what would happen...he left me this note." Mikul took a note out from his pocket.


When you arrive at 5158 Sandstone Drive and are unsuccessful in your efforts, wait for The Triad to arrive in Las Vegas, and then dig up the box in the backyard of the house.

"You knew we were going to fail all along?" Dontori asked, annoyed.

"Yes, but I couldn't tell you because then it wouldn't have gone down like that. And, in order to fulfill my father's wishes, it had to. Now we have to wait for The Triad to arrive."

"Who the hell is The Triad?"

"I don't really know, exactly. But, I've always had this theory...See, I've known about The Triad existing for a long time based on my own findings and the writings of my father. I already knew Mayor Mount was involved...and based on records that I have...I think Altmanti is also part of The Triad."

"What?! If this...Triad is working against us, how the hell has Altmanti been a traitor for so long?!"

"I don't know, it's just a theory! And I had to back off on confronting him, one because I could be wrong, and two because these events needed to occur for we to be here right now, awaiting The Triad so I can open the buried box!"

Dontori just stood in silence. Then, calmed down, he replied,

"...Well, we'll know if Altmanti is a part of the Triad if he arrives in Las Vegas soon. I can't imagine that we'd have to wait that long. They probably want to help the mayor. But what about the last member of The Triad? Who is he?"

"I don't know, but chances are he'll be close to Altmanti if my theory holds true."

On plane heading to Las Vegas

1:40 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

Thunder boomed as the plane began to hit turbulence in the stormy afternoon sky.

"We are going to be heading through some potentially rough areas during our flight. Please fasten your seatbelts and be wary of safety procedures." The pilot alerted the passengers to the situation.

"You think the kids are alright by themselves in some hotel?" Adam asked Vincent, sitting next to him. In truth, Adam didn't really like Vincent's plan.

"They're going to be fine, trust me. At 16 years old I could handle myself, right?"

"Yeah, so could I. That's how we got into this mess. Trying to be heroes back then."

"Well, that's behind us now. We gained our great friend Gerald out of that situation, and now we have to help him. Just, let go a little bit. Trust Allison and Dyllan for once, okay?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Adam looked annoyed.

"Well, it's always seemed to me that you're so protective of Allison all the time. You've seen how I am with Dyllan, right? Letting him learn by his own experiences, with me to guide, not control? To be honest, I think you might be trying to control Allison a bit too much..."

"I am not! I'm surprised you would even say such a thing! Weren't you the one who freaked when Dyllan said he was dating Allison without you knowing? Where was 'learning by experiences', ol' Mr. Freedom then?"

", fine, you got me there."

The plane shook. The oxygen masks were flung from their upright positions and people began to panic.

"As I said, we will be hitting frequent turbulence during this portion of the flight. There is no need for oxygen at this time." The pilot calmed the passengers.

Adam turned to Vincent. "This better be a damn good plan. I hate flights like this."

"Once we regroup with Gerald, we can stop Mikul once and for all." Vincent replied.

McCarran International Airport

10:40 A.M. (Pacific Standard Time)

"If I know my friends, they'll arrive any minute now..." Gerald said to himself as he entered the airport. He looked at the flight schedule. A flight left Peace Key Airport about 40 minutes ago.

"Well, I guess I was'd be a long time before they got here...if they're even coming...I should call Vincent and make sure before I commit myself to waiting." Gerald took out his phone and called.

Vincent's voice answered. "Hello?"

"Are you guys on your way to help me?"

"How'd you know?"

"We've never left each other to fend for themselves. You have Adam with you, by chance?"

"Yes, he's here with me."

"What about Dyllan and Allison?"

"I had them stay in a hotel until we either return or they have to come find Evell, and then us."

"Quite risky, wouldn't you say?"

"We could all take care of ourselves at 16."

"That we could. So, I'll be seeing you in 5 hours?"

"Hopefully sooner. I take it you're fine right now, though?"

"Yes, I'm just waiting for you two now. Evell is safe. Mikul and his partner are still at Sandstone Drive. I'm thinking they have a reason to stay, so it's unlikely they'd go anywhere."

"Very good. See you soon, Gerald."

"See you."

Gerald placed his phone back into his pocket. As he walked to find a place to sit, possibly nap, he noticed a young man watching him. When Gerald turned, the man signaled for him to walk over.

The man was relatively tall, with short, wavy blond hair, and blue eyes. He wore glasses and a nice looking suit. "Hello, sir. I'm conducting a study on people who lead extraordinary lives or can do extraordinary things. You wouldn't happen to have something to share?"

Gerald just looked at the man silently for a few seconds, then replied calmly, "Not really."

"Well, I just assumed someone who appeared so...bright would certainly have something to provide for such a study as mine." Now the man looked into Gerald's eyes. Gerald saw the man's eyes flash yellow for a split-second. Now he knew who he was dealing with.

"You have a power." Gerald started, "And, somehow, you know I do too."

The man nodded. "I'm a locator. Anyone with abilities like yours or mine, I can see them anywhere in the world. Even if you gave me a specific person's picture, I could find that person. And know what they're capable of."

Gerald was intruiged. "Come, let's sit down and talk. I think you'd be of great use to me."

"I know, Gerald Mount."

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