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The Triad: Chapter 6 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key Standard High School

12:08 P.M.

"Well, it's now o' never!" The man said to himself as he began to concentrate on Dyllan. Immediately, Dyllan felt pain.

"Ow, fuck! What are you doing to me?!"

"Findin' out how yo' power works by lookin' into yo' mind. My power deals wit' the mind. I can read 'em, find out how people operate, and, addin' to that, figure out yo' power so I can have a copy of sorts in my mind. Eh heheh!"

Allison began to power herself up with her ability. She could save Dyllan by knocking this guy out with one supercharged blow!

Before she even moved, the man whipped out a gun from his jacket. "Yo', miss hero, I don't even know what yo' power is, but yo' don't want to step any closer to me with that shit, understand?"

Allison stopped charging herself. Not because she was afraid, but...

Vincent broke through the auto-locked front doors of the school with his power, Adam following close behind. Immediately the two caught sight of their children. Vincent looked confused.

"That man...that can't be..."

"Who?!" Adam asked.

"Never mind. We need to save Dyllan and Allison."

Breaking through the next set of doors, Vincent blasted the man taking Dyllan's power with a bolt of blue lightning. Allison stood in awe, as Dyllan slumped to the floor, relieved but still in much pain.

The man flew to the floor, and caught sight of Vincent. "!!"

"So, it is who I thought. Samuell Holmes. I thought they locked you up forever."

"People tend to do in yo' favor with a lil' mind-control persuasion." The man got up and prepared to control Vincent. Adam rushed over and placed a hand on Samuell's face. Before Samuell could take out any weapons, Adam glowed and soon after, Samuell himself did.

"You did wrong with your abilities. You never deserved them." Adam said firmly. Samuell screamed in agony. Then, Adam released his hold, and the armed intruder fell to the floor.

"What did you do?" Allison asked in shock and amazement.

"I took away his power." Adam replied.

"We have to go. Now!" Vincent announced. He picked up Dyllan and carried him, following Adam and Allison out of the school.


Dyllan awoke on the couch in the living room of his house. Adam, Allison, and Vincent were all sitting down on the other couch in the room, waiting for him to wake up.

As he opened his eyes, Allison went over an hugged him.

"Well, this is all well and good," Vincent began. "But we have a situation on our hands. Mikul left for Las Vegas this morning and arrived a little before now. He's looking for a child with an ability. The one who made the video that started this all. Evell Holder.

"Mayor Mount, as the child is his own son, albeit he does not have custody of the kid anymore, left for the Nevada capital as well, to intercept Mikul before he got to Evell. However, we need to go there as well to aid him, against his wishes for us to stay behind. Me, the mayor, and Adam are a team.

Dyllan, Allison, you need to keep safe in our absence. You can't stay in this house, or yours either, Allison. So, before we saved you from Samuell at the school, me and Adam arranged for you to stay in a hotel a good ways away from the Mikul Corp. buildings. You will live together and stay safe no matter what it takes until we return. We've paid in advance for one week and stocked the room with food for that long. We also provided a quite large amount of money should you need it. However, if we're not back in a few days, ditch the hotel suite and come to Las Vegas to find Evell. You'll need him.

Dyllan, pack things you want to bring. Allison, your father's already packed for you. We're going soon."

Dyllan and Allison just stared as they listened. Their ticket to freedom was being handed to them on a silver platter. But, in the back of their minds, they knew it wasn't real. They knew that soon, things would surely get a lot worse than this slice of "the good life."

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