Finding Three

The Triad: Chapter 4 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

Peace Key - City Hall

9:20 A.M.

"Excuse me, is Mayor Mount here?" Adam Cerato asked the mayor's secretary, who was heading back into her office from the main hall.

"Oh no, he said he was taking care of business elsewhere..." Adam looked disappointed. "No problem. Thanks anyway." He turned to leave.

The secretary turned around and looked at Adam and Vincent leaving. "Hold on, are you by any chance Adam and Vincent? Cerato and Altmanti?"

Vincent turned around. "Yes, ma'am, we are. Why?"

"Mount left something for you. Here, I'm holding it on me right now." The secretary took a note out of her pocket as Adam went to retrieve it.

"Thank you, ma'am. This might answer what we came here for."

"I hope so. Have a good day now."

As the two walked to Adam's car (which they arrived in), they stopped to read the note.

Vincent and Adam:

I have received sufficient information that leads me to believe Mikul is after the third child. I have left for the Nevada capital, and am probably close to being there as you're reading this. Vincent, at this time you must also know this as well. You do book Dr. Mikul's appointments, if I remember correctly. That's probably why you came for me. Do not come after me; make sure Dyllan and Allison are kept safe with you. I will deal with Mikul's plan to visit Evell, who's video started this all. If anything happens in town I'm entrusting in you two that you will speak, and act if necessary, on behalf of me.

Warmest regards,


"Think Mikul's expecting 'Mr. Mayor'?" Adam asked Vincent.

"If he knows enough about us and Evell, probably."

Peace Key City Standard High School

12:00 P.M. (Lunch Break)

"What? Your dad has an ability like you?" Allison asked Dyllan, who just got through telling his girlfriend the events of the last night.

"Yeah, lightning coursed over his hands when I accidentally used my powers on him. I think he might be only be triggered by tension."

"Or maybe you just happened to knock it out of him."

"Ha, maybe..."

They continued to eat lunch.

"Does your dad have an ability?" Dyllan asked Allison.

"If he does I've never seen it."

"How does yours work again, exactly?"

"*sigh*...when will you remember?" Allison asked jokingly. In truth, she loved having someone to talk to who could understand everything about her.

"I make people stronger. If I touch someone, I can transfer my light energy into any or all parts of their body. Say I powered the muscles in your arms. You could punch through one of the walls here. I can also power up myself."

"I love when you talk about what you can do. Is there any limit?"

"Of course. Just like you have one."

"I see."

The intercom bell rang. An announcement came over.

"Attention students, a lockdown is in session. This is not a drill. Keep calm and-" The principal was cut off. A collective gasp sounded.

"I know who in this building can stop me." A deep, intimidating voice began. "And I'll kill every last one of you in here until I see those three. The ones with the light."

Dyllan and Allison just stared at each other in fear of the same thing. That guy wants them.

"But, why did he say three?" They both thought.

As quietly as they could, Dyllan and Allison snuck out of the cafeteria, into the hallway. The man made the announcement from the front office, where the main intercom system is. They reluctantly headed that way. Dyllan was already glowing with energy.

McCarran International Airport

9:00 A.M. (Pacific Standard Time)

"Thank you for flying with American Airlines." A recording of a woman's voice spoke as Mikul and Dontori exited the plane into the airport in Las Vegas.

"We're here. Now what, boss?" Dontori asked.

"Evell Holder has the 'll' tag. I'll explain it later, but it makes it much easier to find him." Mikul asked, entering the name 'Evell Holder' into a Google search on his phone.

"Google has a lot more information than it lets out. I am authorized to access the GPS location of Evell, as long as he's still in this area..." Mikul said as the search loaded information. A match came up. Evell Holder. Las Vegas, NV. A map came up with a red dot representing Evell's location.

"Got it?" Dontori asked.

"Yeah. Time to get a car." Mikul replied.

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